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    Penetration Testing: Best Way to Protect Information Systems

    A penetration test is designed to identify all possible vulnerabilities of the information system and form a strategy for protecting data from unauthorized access. At its core, a pentest is a simulated cyber attack on a project: smart contract, website, mobile app. Authorized experts try to compromise the integrity of the project by acceptable and sustainable methods, committing themselves not to harm either the product itself or its users. In essence, this is a controlled and documented intervention in the system in order to identify errors and vulnerabilities.

    Penetration Testing: Best Way to Protect Information Systems

    How Can a Controlled Cyber Attack Happen?

    Experts who work on a project and conduct Android or iOS penetration testing, a site, or electronic contract security audit are trying to:

    1. Find opportunities to change the system configuration and demonstrate how business processes can be disrupted,

    2. Get access to accounts and other privileges,

    3. Integrate third-party code and show ways how attackers can do this,

    4. Perform other attacks in the same way that hackers usually use to achieve their goals.

    As a result of such an audit, a product security assessment is presented, a list of vulnerabilities and critical errors is formed. The analysis helps to find flaws and bugs in the software itself, configurations, use policies, and other potentially problematic areas.

    Benefits of Pentesting

    Penetration testing goes far beyond a standardized assessment of the security of information systems. It provides well-defined capabilities for timely elimination of errors, ensuring the safety of potentially vulnerable areas, and guarantees high stability of the system after working out critical comments. For example, blockchain validation helps to detect errors that can affect the execution of transactions, their speed, and transparency. By applying for such a service at https://hacken.io/services/blockchain-security/blockchain-protocol-security/, the user receives an exhaustive report, supported by a list of recommendations for correcting the errors found. This helps to establish transparent transactions between the parties and ensure mutual fulfillment of obligations.

    Pentest clearly and in practice demonstrates all the options that can be used by intruders for hacking and unauthorized access. In addition, in addition to the basic outline, particular instructions are given on which mistakes and how to eliminate, and how to block possible charges, how to respond appropriately in each of the situations where the security of the system and the logic of business processes may be at risk.

    The most important thing in this process is to entrust the execution of the service to companies that can guarantee adherence to inspection standards. This is exactly the kind of company that Hacken is.

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