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    What Does The Bible Tell Us About Saving Money?

    Plenty of people earn a good amount of money but do not save for a rainy day. This can be a dangerous and risky way of living on the edge, as they may end up in a financial crisis during unforeseen circumstances.

    That’s why it is critical to put away some money as a safe fallback during medical or other emergencies. There are several Bible verses about saving money that can help you understand the importance of this concept.

    Here’s a list of some crucial things about saving money, as told by the Bible. Take inspiration from them and lead a healthier financial life.

    What Does The Bible Tell Us About Saving Money?

    What Does The Bible Tell Us About Saving Money?

    Be Prudent

    The Bible equates those who do not save to fools. You can see this in Proverbs 21:20, where it compares the wise man who saves good food to the foolish one who gulps down his without care.

    In Proverbs 30:24-25, the scriptures testify that even ants, the smallest of things on the planet, save food during the summer. They do this anticipating the hardness and cruelty of winter months, where they will not be able to gather food.
    Therefore, not saving for emergencies is a poor financial decision that can have terrible and possibly irreversible consequences. You need not have a massive amount of money to save. Just set aside as much as you can every month, and you will be prepared should calamity fall.

    Diligence and Hard Work

    The Holy book connects hard work to inevitable and unfailing success. Proverbs 10:4-5 explains this beautifully with a metaphor of two people with different approaches to wealth management. It talks about a diligent and prudent man who gathers in the summer, in contrast to one who sleeps through the harvest and brings shame to his family.

    The lesson does not stop with savings. The Bible also teaches the importance of investing your earnings. You can see this in Ecclesiastes 11:2, another of the best Bible verses about saving money. The verse says you should invest in several different places because you do not know what disaster may come upon you in the future.

    Steady Progress Lasts

    Scripture explains in Proverbs 13:11 that those who gather their riches through dishonest or immoral ways will watch it fail and dwindle away. No one can prosper by oppressing another for their personal gain.

    Sometimes, greed leads people to poverty, ensuring they end up with less than what they had before. For instance, consider the “get rich” phishing scams and gimmicks on the internet. If someone so much as clicks on these in their pursuit of wealth, they are sure to wind up penniless.

    Lasting wealth is gained little by little, as you consistently work hard every day without becoming weary. It is the fruit of honest labor, ensuring you have a blanket of security to rely on in your old age.


    While saving is essential, getting proper financial guidance is also crucial as it can help keep your money safe. So, do not hesitate to ask people who know more about investments than you do. Also, invest in more than one reliable source so that you can multiply your holdings and mitigate risks. Finally, invest in a way that does not oppress or harm others in any way.

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