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    House Designs That Will Be Popular In 2022

    Like fashion and technology, house designs also change and evolve. Some old, traditional ones return while new ones also come about and rise to popularity. Architects and engineers keep track of them to know if they can incorporate them into their methodology and philosophy.

    Every building designer and planner has methodologies and philosophies they believe in, and not all fit a client’s preference. Thus, there are times where they need to compromise to meet and learn to use a different design approach to meet a client’s wants. However, not everyone has the same perspective and taste, so something beneficial may not be appealing to others.

    Fortunately, nowadays, designs that combine aesthetics and functionality exist. So you won’t have to compromise for your next renovation project or new house. With that in mind, learn about the house designs that will be popular in 2022 in this blog.

    House Designs That Will Be Popular In 2022

    Open and Multipurpose Spaces

    More and more house owners want to integrate different areas of their houses to create a multipurpose environment. With these designs, you can combine cooking, eating, and leisure areas in one spacious area. For example, you can have an island installed in your kitchen, so it can serve as a workstation and a dining table, while you can also make space for a play area in the corner of the living room for kids to spend time at.

    An open and multipurpose interior design will allow you to enjoy more meters with usable spaces. Consistent decorations and using building materials as links between the two integrated rooms are good for attaining this design. Other than the already mentioned indoor space integrations, you can also integrate an outdoor space indoors as well. You can do that yourself or consult architects since it’s part of their jobs to advise people about construction projects. Reputable professionals like APL Architects in the Philippines can help you realize your vision from planning to construction.

    Outdoor Spaces for Year-Round Leisure

    A trend in architectural glass cabinets without profiles, glass curtains can be used to enjoy outdoor spaces all year. They let you fully open your outdoor space so you can enjoy the outside during good weather. You can install them on terraces and balconies, and if conditioned properly, outdoor weather won’t be much of a problem when you prefer to be outside.

    Contemporary materials such as a combination of cement, cotton, and stone can be a great fit for exterior structures. To address the cold weather, you can also buy mobile stoves in your outdoor space.

    Metal for Sustainability

    Since the use of sustainable materials is still on the rise, you can opt to use metals to decorate your house. Popular metals for home decoration tech development include steel, tin, copper, silver, and gold. You can use them as distinctive decoration pieces or mix them in one structure.

    Smart Homes

    Smart homes aren’t just a futuristic trope in many movies. In 2022, it’ll be more popular both for new and rehabilitated buildings. The integration of smart technology and automation in buildings to provide modern comfort is called domotic architecture, and more homeowners will want them in the coming years.

    Although they can be expensive in some parts of the world, a smart building actually reduces consumption bills. Moreover, using domotic architecture for home designs also reflects social awareness of environmental care, which will likely make it an evergreen option in the future.

    Wrap up

    House designs can look good and serve you for the better. How you want your house to look should make you feel better living in it. Convenience plus aesthetics can be achieved through these house designs that you can expect to see more of starting next year.

    Author bio: Angelo Castelda works as a feature writer in Asia. In his free days, he likes to read books and magazines about the latest architecture news and trends. This ultimately made him fall in love with architecture, and he now spends most of his time writing about it.

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