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    Top 8 Exercises You Can Do At Home For Losing Weight

    Our health is an essential factor in having a good life. If we’re not healthy, we can’t work and earn, nor can we enjoy the fruits of our labor. That’s why a lot of people try to find ways to exercise, no matter how challenging it can be.

    The basic rule to achieve and maintain good health is to be in good shape. To do that, one must stay physically active and eat nutritiously to burn excess fat off the body. However, it can be difficult because we may not have what’s required to eat well and exercise consistently.

    If you’re in a period where you’re too busy at work and don’t have enough time to squeeze in a workout, you have the option to do it at home. There are exercises you can do at home that’ll help you lose weight. Here are eight of them on this list of exercises you can do at home for losing weight.

    Exercises You Can Do At Home For Losing Weight

    Top 8 Exercises You Can Do At Home For Losing Weight

    1.  Planking 

    Plank exercises are one of the most effective and easiest to learn full-body workouts, making them a good starter for beginners. It’s categorized as a full-body workout because it targets most of the major muscle groups in the body, thus making it helpful for losing weight and staying in shape.

    The plank may look simple, but it’s also intense since it targets the core, shoulder, arms, chest, back, and hips. It takes a lot of focus to execute it properly since it’s a timed exercise. The longer you can stay in the plank position, the better results you’ll produce.

    It has three known variations, namely the extended arms plank, mountain climbers, and reverse plank. The extended arms plank is the standard one and is good for improving core strength.

    2.  Aerobic exercises

    An equally effective weight loss exercise practice is doing aerobics. Most of these exercises don’t require equipment; thus, anybody can do them even without a gym membership. As you follow a strict routine, much like how it’s done in a medical weight loss program, aerobic exercises will help burn excess body fat.

    Most aerobic exercises are also the simplest, as they only require basic movements. So not being flexible enough won’t be a problem when you do them. The best examples of how simple they are would be brisk walking, jumping jacks, and jogging.

    Several studies also back their effectiveness. For instance, it’s been proven that walking for 30 minutes at a pace of 6.4 kilometers per hour helps a 70-kg individual burn 167 calories. Knowing that it’s that effective, just imagine how much brisk walking three times a week could do for you.

    3.  Push-ups

    Push-ups are on the same rank as planking in effectivity, simplicity, and intensity, except it has more variations. It targets the chest, core, and shoulders simultaneously. They are more very useful for weight loss as it forces your body aside from the ground & exercises power, which consumes calories.

    Combining it with the right kind of diet will produce optimal improvements. In addition, the only things you’ll need to have to do push-ups at home are an anti-slip floor and a pair of good exercise shoes.

    4.  Squats

    Squats are another great way to use your body as a weight-loss tool. They’re known as one of those muscle-strengthening exercises that aim to improve the lower part of your body. It also helps enhance your mobility and balance.

    Other than its positive physical effects, it also boosts metabolism as well. Squats are also easy to perform and can be done multiple times throughout the week.

    5.  Lunges

    Lunges are for toning your lower body and developing the largest muscles of your legs. It also focuses on strengthening your back and hips as well.

    For this exercise, you’ll need shoes with enough friction to the ground. You should also perform it in a large area. Having a mat also makes it better.

    6.  Burpees

    Burpees offer a balance between cardio and muscle training. You’ll only need to wear comfortable clothes, and you can perform them anywhere in the house. Ideally, doing them in a spacious area would be better.

    Burpees is a rep-heavy exercise, which means the more you repeat it, the better results you can get.

    7.  Dancing

    Dancing is a superb exercise for losing weight. It’s also not as difficult as you think because it’s doable even without a background in dancing. There are plenty of sources online that you can watch and dance along with when you perform this exercise.

    8.  Yoga

    The combination of Yoga and healthy eating has proven beneficial as it helps to lose weight and keep your body and mind healthy. Any kind of stretching and limbering like yoga is beneficial for weight loss since it makes the body more limber and stronger.

    All you’ll need to practice yoga are tutorial videos and a mat to do poses on. Fortunately, many apps offer yoga classes and tutorials that you can use to perform yoga at home.

    Wrap up

    Even if you’re at your busiest, you can still exercise to stay healthy. Exercising at home is doable even if you only perform a couple in a day. All you need is to condition your mind and prepare your body, and you’re all good to go.

    Author bio: However not a medical expert, Hodge Racter comprehends many concerning medical questions, as well as hormone replacing (having experienced the plan himself) and medical weight-loss operations. Now, he persists spry & dynamic notwithstanding his age, & when he has not executed freelance work, he has holding class time with his wife & 2 dogs.

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