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    Expert Fashion Advice for The Perfect Wardrobe

    It is true, we ladies have more clothes in our closet than we can count, and still, most of us are always complaining about having nothing to wear. Our money is on the fact that it has more to do with the lack of a stylish wardrobe than the number of items in it. Have you ever noticed that how some women look absolutely effortless when it comes to everyday fashion? That’s because they understand the key rules of investing in putting together the right wardrobe. Yes, it is perfectly possible for you to rock all sorts of looks every day, and for that, we bring you the following invaluable expert fashion advice for a stylish wardrobe. 

    Expert Fashion Advice for The Perfect Wardrobe

    Expert Fashion Advice for The Perfect Wardrobe

    1) Learn To Dress According To Your Body Shape

    It is extremely important to understand the importance of balance proportions when it comes to style. You must learn to balance the proportions of your outfit to achieve harmony in the overall look. This also means that you need to wear clothes that best compliment your body shape and fit you perfectly. You can eliminate a lot of confusion regarding your outfit when you know which silhouettes and cuts work best for your body shape. For instance, if you are a plus-size beauty, then you should invest in plus size dresses for women that make your best features pop out. Try going for midis, fit and flare, peplum, and V-necks instead of tight clothing pieces which ruin your shape. 

    2) Matching Patterns Are Boring

    Wearing matching patterns and pieces has been out of fashion for a very long time. Now, stylish women are all about experimenting with different hues and wearing mismatched textures and patterns. We understand that you once loved the idea of matching handbags and shoes, but that is probably why your wardrobe is not working for you. Fashion experts say that it is now all about making a bold fashion statement. You don’t necessarily have to go over the top with this tip but start small by wearing colors that are opposite on the wheel as they complement each other well. Subtly move on to the rule of “two is the number to mismatch” and try combinations such as floral patterns with stripes, brights with grays, leather with knits, and so on. 

    3) Go For Good Quality Basics

    Filling your wardrobe with everything possible will do little to no good for your style. Instead of wasting money, invest in the right yet good quality wardrobe essentials. That’s right, women who keep their wardrobes filled with essentials never struggle to come up with effortless chic looks. Instead of going for the trendy item, buy essentials that will last you long. A few of the basic items that expert suggest that you keep in your wardrobe at all times include fitted dresses, classic white shirts, neutral denim, staple footwear, vintage coats, blazers, leather handbags, and button-down shirts. 

    4) Accessorizing Is A Must 

    It is an unspoken rule of the fashion world that no outfit is complete without the right accessories. Your wardrobe is pretty much a dull dessert if it doesn’t contain versatile, staple, and statement accessories. For instance, a colorful or embellished belt can pull together the most basic and dullest of casual outfits. Not only that, but the right choice of jewelry for different occasions can amplify the best features on your face. Want to make your face look slimmer? Go for long dangly earrings while you can best complement your oblong face with chunky studs. Your wardrobe should consist of a mix of statement jewelry like pendant sets, classic pieces such as delicate chains, bracelets, etc.

    5) Don’t Be Afraid Of Experimenting With Footwear

    Why are women made to feel that not wearing heels will not make them look high fashion? Is it necessary to kill your feet to display femininity? Fashion experts would beg to differ because we are seeing more and more celebrities looking powerful in comfortable footwear. Wearing flats, pumps, and even sneakers to work doesn’t cramp your style; instead, it shows that you prefer comfort and productivity over anything else if you are spending eight hours in the office. Your wardrobe needs a mix of fancy shoes, classic pumps, and pointed toes to make you look elegant and ready for business. 

    6) Invest In A Capsule Wardrobe

    A capsule wardrobe is the ultimate hack to a perfect wardrobe because it is full of items that can be mixed and matched. A capsule wardrobe is the foundation of your personal style and the building blocks of your closet, as it can help you have a cohesive theme. This type of wardrobe consists of items that offer a perfect blend of functionality and fashion. Fashion experts recommend starting with the basics when building your capsule wardrobe. This contains essentials like white tees, chunky knit sweaters, button-down silk blouse, pencil skirt, boyfriend jeans, black blazer, white denim, leather or denim jacket, tote bag, flats, pumps, ankle boots, and more.

    Every person has a unique sense of style that works for them. However, you can save a lot of cash and time if you know just what to invest in when it comes to your wardrobe. Experts in the fashion industry recommend that a wardrobe full of a mix of timeless, trendy, classic, and statement items will ensure that your looks are never out of style. Your outfit should ignite self-confidence in you, and you should dress more often to please yourself than someone else. So, take the above fashion advice and redecorate your wardrobe with comfortable clothing and essentials to pull off effortless looks. 

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