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    Top 5 Games To Play After Smoking Weed

    House parties and smoking sessions with friends and loved ones are the best times to have fun and loosen up after a tedious day at work. A few delicious snacks for when the hunger strikes, drinks, a good weed, and some music can be your rave until the sunrise. But what’s missing is some fun aspect like good weed-smoking games you and your buddies can enjoy. Yes, similar to drinking games, there are many weed-related games too. And we’re going to mention the top five ones for you in this article. But beware, these games may leave you and your buddies too stoned.

    Top 5 Games To Play After Smoking Weed

    Top 5 Games To Play After Smoking Weed

    1.  Medusa

    Let’s begin the list with one of the fascinating party games out there. According to Greek mythology, anyone who looks Medusa in the eye turns into a stone. The game is no different because any player looking at each other will have to hit the bong or joint and get stoned. All the participants must have some sort of smoking apparatus ready with themselves, like a bong or a joint. So, all the players sitting in a circle either put their heads down or face upwards. 

    One of them counts 3,2,1, and all the players must look at another player on the count. If you look at one player and they look away from you, you’re safe. But when two players look at each other at the same time, they must yell Medusa. Both the players then take a hit of the joint. You can continue the game until everyone has a lit joint or is too stoned to proceed further.


    Before you dwell on this fun game, it’s essential to have the main ingredient to a fun group smoking session, i.e., weed. You can get your hands on some of the best weed strains and  safe CBD vape juice for your night out. It’s essential to buy your cannabis from renowned sources to experience perfect euphoria. 

    2.  Movie Madness

    Here’s another fun weed-related game for you. You won’t need anything except for a collection of good movies and weed to play this game. You and your friends can pick any movie with a particular catchphrase, activity, or symbol that stands out and is repetitive. So, during the movie, all the participants must take a hit whenever the actor says the said phrase or performs an action sequence or kisses. 

    Movie madness makes a great party game because everyone can gather for a mutual experience of watching something and also have fun. Alternatively, you can also pick a movie that no one wants to watch, so it just runs casually in the background for the game.

    Movie Madness

    3.  Bong Pong

    All of you might have played beer pong in your college days. Well, now it’s time to tweak it and make it bong pong. For those not familiar with beer pong, it’s a game where two players attempt to bounce and shoot a ping pong ball into a cup of beer or water, standing opposite to each other. The cups of beer or water remain in the center for each player to shoot. 

    The winner gets to hit the bong, and you can also add an additional reward of beer along with it. To make it more interesting, leave the beer for the loser to chug down. Beer pong is one of the classic house party games and can be pretty fun and challenging, especially when your buddies are too sloshed or stoned to aim the ball.

    4.  Mario Kart 64

    Nintendo’s renowned Mario Kart 64 can be a fantastic party game especially, when stoned. It is one of the competitive multiplayer video games ever made, and players strive for the first place. The reward for the person in the first place in Mario Kart 64 can be a big hit of the bong, and you can skip the losing person’s chance. That way, the game becomes even more competitive. 

    Also, the person with a winning streak might start performing worse, given the bigger hits of the bong. You can also add beer chug down or tequila shot for the loser as a forfeit while playing Mario Kart 64 during the smoking session.

    Mario Kart 64

    5.  Wheel of Weed

    Let’s end the list of the best five weed-related games with one of the best ones. All the DIY and craft enthusiasts will absolutely love this game because it’s customizable according to your preferences. That means the game becomes more fun. However, you’ll need a few things to prepare the wheel of weed. Firstly, you’ll need a spinner which you can easily take from the game of Twister. 

    Then you must get your paper wheel and make six to twelve segments in a-la lucky wheel manner. Now write dare or funny questions in the segments. Some of the usual segments of the wheel of weed include smoke, pass the toke, dare, spin again, truth, etc. But feel free to add your own fun dares to it.

    Final Thoughts

    Those were the five best weed-related games you can play with your buddies. Remember to always indulge in responsible marijuana consumption. Those fun weed-smoking games may turn into a nightmare if the participants aren’t aware of their tolerance or about the strain they’re smoking. So, let your buddies know what strain they’re smoking to know if it can cause paranoia or other undesired effects for them.

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