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    How Often Should You Wash Your Sheets on Your Bed?

    Most people need to wash their sheets at least once a week or more. If you only sleep on your bed at night, you can probably extend this to once a fortnight or thereabouts. Some folks, however, should wash their sheets more frequently than once per week. Here are a few reasons why.

    How Often Should You Wash Your Sheets on Your Bed?

    How Often Should You Wash Your Sheets on Your Bed?

    Why Should One Wash Sheets Regularly:

    You might think that you only need to do it once per week because of the dampness of the bedding but you should wash the sheets more often if they have been wet for an extended period. Wet bedding can encourage the growth of mold and other allergens in your home. These allergens then get trapped in the damp conditions of your bedding, which then causes you to have dust and other allergy symptoms. If you suffer from these symptoms frequently you should take action and ensure your bedding is clean and dry.

    Another reason to question the question of how often you should wash your sheets is because of the dust mites that love to live in your bedding. Dust mites are microscopic critters that love to hang out in your sheets. They like to hide under the fibers of your bedding and shed there each time you wash them. You might think that these tiny creatures don't matter but the fact is that they can carry around 20 times their weight in dust which means that they can build up an enormous amount of dirt and germs over time. Therefore you must keep note that washing your bed sheet is inevitable to keep yourself germ-free.

    We all know that dust is one of the worst things that can accumulate on our bed sheets. The dust will become a breeding ground for all sorts of nasty bacteria and mold if it is not removed quickly. One way of removing the dust from your sheets is by using an old washing-up bag. To do this you need to either fill the bag with water or a commercial duty laundry detergent. Once the sheets have been placed inside you should leave them in the sun for around 10 minutes to remove any excess dirt which is in the fabric of the sheets.

    If a person is going away on a trip, they need their sheets to be fresh and dry before sleeping. Going without a fresh sheet will cause them discomfort and may even cause them to wake up with a rash or other type of problem. People need to remember that washing sheets are part of cleaning the entire bed. A trip or a long trip can lead to dampness and disease and having clean sheets is important for maintaining healthy body functions.

    Cleaning helps keep the bed looking good. Dust and other things that fall from the bed onto the sheets are unsightly and do not help to make the bed look pleasant. Keeping clean sheets helps to get the best of any sheet set and make it more appealing.

    Cleaning Sheets During the Summer:

    In the summertime, it is especially important to wash sheets when they are wet. This helps to keep the bed dry and can even prevent mold from growing on the bed which can be harmful. In winter, sheets need to be dried quickly after they have been cleaned to avoid them from collecting moisture and causing mold to grow on the bed which can be unhealthy.

    Percale Sheets:

    When sheets are made from fabrics like percale or satin, they are more likely to become dirty quicker. Percale is a kind of fabric which is smooth, firm, and comfortable to touch. But Percale is wrinkle-prone material and they tend to get much wrinkled after each wash. The material can also soak up the scent of perfume or other deodorants. Washing these sheets regularly helps to reduce the amount of scent they contain and keeps them clean and fresh for longer.

    Different Ways to Wash Your Sheets

    Different Ways to Wash Your Sheets

    Well, the longer you use the sheets the more dirt and bacteria will accumulate on them over time.

    If you want to reduce the build-up of dirt and bacteria, then you should try to wash them at least twice each week in hot water using a gentle detergent. If you want to make sure that you keep allergies and other skin conditions such as eczema away, you should try to only use sheets that are natural and chemical-free.

    When looking at the different ways of washing sheets, you will notice that some people like to add a drop of apple cider vinegar to the wash. This method will remove odors and stains, which are caused by sweat or urine. If you are looking for a method that is particularly effective against sweat and odors, you should look into buying a good biodegradable sheet protector. These will help keep sheets from absorbing the odors and sweat which are caused by our bodies' normal hygiene process.

    To remove food stains from the sheets you should first soak them in warm water. Once you have done this place them in the drier or washbasin and then finish by using a commercial duty detergent. Before adding any more detergent make sure that you follow the instructions on the bottle. A lot of people like to add a cup of bleach to the wash to add a bit of color but it should only be a temporary fix and not the permanent kind.


    In the end, never forget washing your mattress and pillows are essential. A lot of people do not understand that if you want to make your home looking and smelling clean then washing your mattress and pillows is needed too. You need to be using proper cleaning materials for them so that you can have good and healthy skin for a long time.

    Author bio: Larry Alton is a blogger and enthusiastic writer at Managerteams.com. She likes cooking and is loving of traveling.

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