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    Outdoor Heating Options for Entertaining

    Entertaining has moved beyond time spent in the living room with guests over a beverage. The potential and appeal of using your exterior space to host get-togethers are more widespread and heartily preferred. People seem to enjoy outdoor gatherings more than the alternative, so if you want to have a successful party, perhaps it is best to plan to have it outside.

    Outdoor entertaining does not come without its pitfalls. At the top of that list is how to keep your guests sufficiently warm, especially when there is cooler weather. The answer comes in the advent and design of outdoor heating solutions meant to help you create a cozy atmosphere for your guests. This article will present some options you can consider adding to your home.

    Outdoor Heating Options for Entertaining

    Outdoor Heating Options for Entertaining

    Outdoor Fireplace

    A classic choice. There is a reason why fireplaces remain popular heating sources even though they were invented long ago. They radiate heat while providing an irresistibly soothing and welcoming ambiance. Outdoor fireplaces are no different. However, their design has been modernized using bricks or decorative stone to surround the fire pit.

    Gas Heaters

    They take advantage of the easy availability of gas as a source of energy. Gas heaters only need to be connected to a pipe leading from the main house and secondary sources. This type of heater is generally easier and cleaner to operate. All you need to do is to turn on the switch which permits the gas to flow before lighting the fire. Billowing smoke, adequate wood, and messy by-products are not a concern. Also know about central heating grants.


    Perhaps firepits can be considered the original outdoor heating option. Long before fireplaces, people simply picked a particular area, dug a hole, surrounded it with stones, then threw some wood in before lighting a fire. Times and firepit designs have changed. Modern firepits are made to complement the decor of the outdoor area while eliminating the need to dig out a pit. 

    Firepits can be a focal point for people to gather around and enjoy themselves while getting warm. Using gas instead of wood increases their appeal as your guests don’t have to contend with smoke.

    Patio Heaters

    Patio heaters were popularised by bars and eating establishments. Their primary advantage is that they do not take up a lot of space; therefore, they can be a discreet alternative. The reduced demand for large amounts of the room allows you to place them in strategic points around your patio or yard. Despite their size, patio heaters are very powerful, giving off plenty of heat to keep you and your guests toasty.

    Electric Heat Strips

    The most modern yet costliest option. As the name suggests, electric heat strips are rectangular heating elements with a protective sheath and mounting hardware. They can be installed throughout your outdoor area; however, you must ensure that they have the correct wattage to match the size of the space to be heated. Heat strips differ from other heaters in that they deliver an even warmth. The drawback is that the cost of warming a large, open space can be prohibitive.

    Elevate your entertaining area to new levels by adding outdoor heating. There are plenty of options to choose from with designs that can match your decor to perfection without sacrificing form for function. 

    Contact your local heating expert to get more information about the range of possibilities available from which you can make a selection. Your outdoor living space will become both an extension and a reflection of your interior space. Your family and guests will be so cozy; the problem might become how to get them to leave when they seem too comfortable to budge.

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