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    Types of Vape Cartridges You Should Try for Your Next Purchase

    When beginning vaping as a new cannabis user, you may find that you don’t know where to begin. Fortunately, vaping is relatively easy and beginner-friendly compared to other smoking methods, requiring just two components to start ingesting cannabis and getting the desired effects. 

    If you go to a store or go online to purchase the components to begin vaping, you may not know what products are best for your needs. What types of vaping materials do you need, and what are the differences between the oils? 

    Although they all look the same, there are different types of oils and components you can use with your pen to begin ingesting cannabis safely. Let’s see the different types you can use with your pen and how they differ from one another. 

    Types of Vape Cartridges You Should Try for Your Next Purchase

    Types of Vape Cartridges You Should Try for Your Next Purchase

    There are different types of pre-filled vape cartridges you can purchase to use with your vape pen to ingest cannabis. The most common types are distilled, Co2, live resin, full-spectrum, uncut oil, cut oil, and terpene. All of the various cape cartridges have distinctive characteristics that affect the strength of the hit, the ingredients, and the aftereffects. 

    Beginners and new cannabis users need to be aware of the strength of vape cartridges during their first experiences. Some types of cartridges have purer ingredients and more substantial hits than those that keep some of the natural qualities of the cannabis plant. 

    Let’s discuss the three most popular types of vape cartridges on the market and if they are suitable for beginners or experienced cannabis users. 

    • Distilled vape cartridge

    Distilled cannabis oil is made from various cannabis extracts, with the primary purpose of removing the extra components found in cannabis plants to leave a higher concentration of CBD or THC. The vape cartridges have a higher concentration and a more substantial effect by eliminating unwanted compounds than other methods. Along with being stronger, distilled vape cartridges often produce a smoother and cleaner pull than other cartridges.

    • Co2 vape cartridge 

    Carbon dioxide helps various components found in the cannabis plant, producing concentrated oil that is highly compatible with vape cartridges. However, new users need to keep in mind that Co2 is not as refined as distilled vape cartridges. This will benefit beginner users, as it is not as concentrated as the distilled option, providing more natural compounds and a subtler hit. 

    • Live resin vape cartridge

    Live resin is known for its strong smell and pungent taste since it is terpene-rich and preserves the natural properties of the cannabis plant. Live resin oil vape cartridges are increasing in popularity due to the strong taste and powerful hit. 


    For new vaping users, knowing the different vape cartridges is crucial to have the best cannabis experience. If you want a subtler hit, you need to choose vape cartridges that contain natural compounds of the cannabis plant to subdue some of the THC and CBD effects. For those who want a strong and powerful hit, buying distilled vape cartridges is the way to go. 

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