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    How To Choose The Best Digital Wrist Watches For Men

    Men and their watches are a tandem that’s been around for a long time. It’s a combination that stood the test of time, even with the enormous leaps technology took throughout history. There are some collections like Ferrari watch collection having watches with sports look as well as watches with formal look to match every style. Digital watches are still a popular choice of time tracker for men and are seem likely to stay for more years.

    Digital watches have also evolved throughout the years as well. Different brands have made, and are still making, digital timepieces for different people and purposes. Most models have beneficial features that consumers gravitate towards, which keeps digital relevant and helpful, even with the advent of smartwatches.

    How To Choose The Best Digital Wrist Watches For Men

    There’s so much variety in the market in terms of digital watch options. You get to choose from numerous models and brands, and the only issue is how to navigate your way to the best ones. Here are pointers on how to choose the best digital wrist watches for men to help you out with that.

    • Look at the material

    There are various materials used to make a watch, and its durability depends on them. Materials typically used to create digital watches include stainless steel and mixed rubber. Take time to look for a model made from durable materials so you can use and wear it longer.

    A durable material used for high-quality watches is stainless steel. Stainless steel can’t be affected by moisture and sweat and isn’t irritating to the skin. It doesn’t only make for a durable watch; it also ensures comfort for the wearer.

    Besides durability, being comfortable while wearing the watch also depends on the material used to make it. It has to feel good on your wrist and doesn’t feel heavy on it. You don’t have to worry about compromising durability and comfort because materials like lightweight titanium provide both.

    A watch is a one-time, long-term purchase, which is why you should choose one that can last. Look for the ones manufactured using durable materials and tested for resistance. Brands conduct tests on their digital watches for shock absorption, water resistance, and compatibility with weather conditions.

    • Find features suitable for you

    Watchmakers tailor digital watches to suit the wearer’s personality. This is how they’ve managed to stay relevant despite the prevalence of smartphones, smartwatches, and other devices that can tell the time and do other watch functions. Brands have managed to design state-of-the-art digital timepieces personalized for specific needs and purposes.

    Since you can choose a watch that can serve as your assistant or partner, you should consider your priorities. What are the elements that mean to you most? Most digital timepieces have features related to or meant to serve you well when you’re doing your hobbies or work-related tasks.

    If you’re into fitness or are looking to live a healthier lifestyle, look for fitness or sports digital watches. Brands like Garmin have the best digital models of sports watches you can buy this year. If you like diving and exploring marine life, you should consider purchasing a dive watch, which is a specialty of the brand Seiko.

    Most digital fitness watches can track your heartbeat, heart rate, stress level, and even your sleep rate. Some even have smartwatch features wherein you can sync them to an app on your smartphone to utilize more features. On the other hand, an excellent dive watch should at least have water-resistance of up to 300 meters (30 ATM) for optimal diving depth.

    There are also heavy-duty watches and digital timepieces for office or everyday use. Casio has mastered how to make durable watches for blue-collar workers. They have models that you can withstand the damage a watch can sustain during strenuous, physically-demanding work.

    They also have the G-Shock line for the everyday-use enthusiast. You can wear it at work or on a casual walk to the shopping mall or grocery store. They’re also affordable, making them the more practical choice.

    Probably the best thing about today’s digital watches is that they have something for everyone. Whatever your hobbies, interests, or profession is, you’ll most likely find a timepiece that fits you.

    • Find a comfortable and secure strap type

    Your watch is also a part of your attire, and something you consider before wearing anything is how comfortable it is on your body. The timepiece you wear should fit your wrist just fine; it has to be neither loose nor too tight and shouldn’t irritate your skin. Those things will depend on the type of strap a wristwatch has.

    Like the dial and the case, the watch strap can be made using various materials. Most affordable digital timepieces have straps made of plastic. Plastic straps don’t cost much and are also suitable for everyday use. It also comes in colorful designs that you can mix and match with your attire.

    If you prefer something flexible, then you should turn your attention to rubber straps. Rubber straps are commonly used for sports watches and are easy to clean. An alternative to rubber straps is silicone ones, which are also elastic, comfortable on your skin, and nearly impossible to deform.

    You’ll most likely see an increasing number of wooden straps nowadays due to the push to use environmentally friendly materials to make watches. You can consider purchasing a watch with wooden straps if you want to contribute to the greater good. Wood features can be shaped in various designs and colors, so you’re most likely to encounter different versions of it on a digital watch for multiple brands.

    As for strap types, there are two that a good-quality digital watch has: hook and lock straps. These are the main types of clasps for securing your digital watch on your wrist. The hook straps don’t have a buckle for tightening or loosening the strap but instead uses a hooking mechanism where you can pull and secure the strap in place.

    Straps are mostly overlooked by people when buying a watch, but for me, it’s the second most important part of one next to the face. It’s in charge of comfortability for the wearer, and without it, you can’t wear it at all.

    • Look for the proper size

    Wristwatches come in different sizes, so you have to find one that fits your wrist the best. Another factor to consider is the look that you’re going for. As aforementioned, watches are part of your attire, and their size says something about your fashion style.

    The size of a digital watch depends on what it’s used for. Sports watches usually have bigger faces because they don’t just display the time; they also show other numbers like your heart rate or the steps you managed to put in for the day. The ones for casual wear are smaller and don’t attract that much attention.

    A bigger face on a watch could also mean that it’s heavier on the wrist. However, it isn’t always the case because a watch’s weight depends on the material used to make it. But most of the time, if you don’t like to loosen your watch strap, you should pick one with a smaller face.

    You should know your wrist size to help you find a wristwatch proportionate to your wrist. Knowing it will make it easier to find one that feels comfortable on your wrist and looks great as well. You can determine your wrist size and the best watch size for it with the help of this comprehensive guide.

    • Difference between analog and digital

    The counterpart of the digital wristwatch is the classic analog timepiece. Both still exist, and both have struggled throughout the era of smart technology. They’ve got obvious differences between them, but it ultimately comes down to buyer’s preference in terms of which one they choose to wear.

    Analog watches have been around longer and operates using a different mechanism. Digital watches use batteries, while most analog timepieces are mechanically powered. Some analog models also use batteries that are called quartz analog.

    Analog watches use hands to tell time, while digital watches have an LED or LCD screen that displays numerical figures to do its job. Analog usually has one, two, or three hands that move to point the time, while others offer a small dialog window that shows the date.

    Most analog wristwatches also provide more stylistic opportunities. They’re the ones that men wear for formal events, at the office or a meeting. They’re widely more acceptable and look better on most attires compared to digital watches.

    Therefore, most analog watches are more expensive than their counterparts. It’s a well-known fact in the watch industry, so if you’re on a tight budget, going digital is more practical. However, wearing a digital watch is not as unfashionable as you think because it depends on your attire, and your clothing depends on what you’re doing.

    Most digital watch users also find it easier to tell and track time than the classic analog watch. Sometimes, people get so used to wearing digital watches that looking at analog hands confuses them. If your style and personality fit better with digital, then it’s more convenient to choose it.

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