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    How to Shop for The Perfect Bra

    Shopping for the right bra for you, the one that fits perfectly can be a stressful task. Most women fail in this process; they focus on aspects such as brand and price, leaving aside what is most important of all; which type of bra is best for each kind of body.

    There are plenty of styles and types of bras for you to purchase, from a daily comfort bra to lingerie. Therefore, before learning about the aspects that matter when purchasing the right bra for you, it is important for you need to acknowledge which type of bra you are looking for, what is it that you need.

    How to Shop for The Perfect Bra

    How to Shop for The Perfect Bra

    • Expensive brands are not necessarily the best

    This is an important aspect to clarify. Many people decide to buy garments from unjustifiably expensive brands, thinking they are purchasing a good long-resisting garment. However, the truth is that, just these brands are trendy, they have the luxury of charging excessive prices for products that are not worth that. People tend to think high prices mean high quality, and that is not always the case. It is important to learn which brands are high quality and which are only a trendy name on your garments. 

    Let us make it clear, we are not saying that high quality materials are cheap, of course not. Regrettably, a high quality bra will probably be an expensive one, compared to a similar piece with less resistant materials. Our point here is; expensive does not necessarily mean high quality; as many top brands charge just for their names and not for using long resistant and high-quality materials. That being said, we recommend you to stick to the brands that are known for their high-quality products and not to the ones that are only a fashion trend. Also, consider the importance of an extensive size range, such as the Prima Donna Orlando bra.

    Another important tip regarding prices is that it is always preferable to spend a little more money than what you had in mind if that means acquiring a better product.  If it is affordable to you, spend those extra bucks instead of buying the cheapest version, since you will feel the difference and you will be grateful. A bra, or any underwear, is an everyday piece of clothing, which is why you shouldn't ignore the quality and how comfortable this product may feel in exchange for saving a little money. Consider it an investment, they will last longer than cheaper bras, for their high-quality materials, and they will probably fit better. 

    • Be clear about the type of bra you are looking for

    As we said before, there are several types and styles of bras, and before purchasing one, you need to know what kind of bra you need.

    There are bras for everybody, need, activity, or situation. From maternity bras to the sensual and sexy style, through the sports bras to the daily comfort bra.

    Therefore, before going shopping you need to acknowledge what you are looking for. Is it a sports bra for your workout routine? Or is it an underwired bra to help boost your breast when wearing a low cut top? Once you are clear about that, you can get to the next step.

    • Learn which is the right size for you

    Most women think they know accurately their bra size, but you would be surprised to hear that the highest percentage of them purchase the wrong size. Most women buy their bras in a smaller size than the one they should wear, and not on purpose.  

    Not only that, most of the time, when trying a bra on, women experiment with the difference between how the cups fit and how the band fit. Sometimes the cups fit just right but the band is too tight, even when using the hooks in the loosest position. And sometimes it is the other way around; the band fits right but the cups feel too close together feeling weird in the sides of your chest.

    To find a perfect fit, we recommend you to take your measures before going shopping. The procedure is easy; to know your band size you have to measure your underbust (placing the measuring tape over your ribs just below your breasts). To know your cup size you need to measure your breasts (placing the measuring tape over your bust and around your back). With these measurements you will be able to know your ideal bra size according to the chart. Remember that each brand has its chart size, so you can't expect to have the same size always.

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