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    How to Make Exhaust Silencer for Car Without Losing Performance

    Usually, a loud exhaust comes with a good-looking car. However, aside from being super annoying to you, your family, and your neighbors, overly loud exhaust systems might even get you a ticket in many places. How to quiet exhaust without losing performance? There are various reasons why your exhaust might be loud, from alterations that improve performance to damage the equipment. So, if you want to deal with your ear-tearing car and still keep the performance levels high, here are a few things you can do. 

    How to Make Exhaust Silencer for Car

    How to Make Exhaust Silencer for Car Without Losing Performance

    • Find the Issue

    If the car is not intentionally loud, it probably has damage to the exhaust system which is making the noise, so you need to inspect the vehicle (especially important if you’re buying a used car). Park your car somewhere flat and lift it to a position where you can safely and comfortably look under the car. Check the catalytic converters and the mufflers and see if they work properly. If they show the signs of damage or wear, this might be the reason your vehicle is making too much noise. In many cases, if your muffler or catalytic converter is not working properly, your “check engine” light will be on, so keep an eye on that while you drive. 

    • Seal the Holes

    Once you’re under your car, make sure to take a good look at your exhaust and examine its condition. In older cars, wear and tear might have caused the exhaust to leak, so you might need to take it to a garage for repair or replacement. If you’re in a hurry and looking for a temporary solution, you can do some repairs yourself. Smaller holes can be repaired with epoxy or sealant which can be bought in most hardware stores and can be used by total beginners. Handling smaller holes will silence your car, but won’t make a significant change. In case you have bigger holes, these require repair patches and a more experienced hand. 

    • Get New Mufflers

    Changing the mufflers might be your next step towards a silencer exhaust. Most vehicles have mufflers attached to the tailpipe with four bolts. A single exhaust has one muffler, while dual exhausts have two. When it comes to muffler types, glass pack mufflers are quite loud but provide good airflow and performance. On the other hand, most vehicles are equipped with reactive mufflers which are many silencer.

    If you want to be in control of your noise levels, you can invest in mufflers that can be adjusted thanks to the butterfly valve mechanism which redirects the exhaust gas flow. This means you can just press a button and go from loud and aggressive sports sound to a more sophisticated street sound. If you want to keep your beautiful engine sound yet not anger your neighbors, just grab the remote and switch your exhaust setting—it’s that easy. These are also durable and easy to install, which makes them a great investment. 

    • Replace Tailpipes

    Replacing your tailpipes can also help with car noise levels. For instance, larger diameter tailpipes usually produce a louder sound than their smaller diameter counterparts. However, larger tailpipes also increase car performance, so you might be facing a dilemma. If you want to reduce noise but want to keep your tailpipe size, you can consider investing in a crossover tailpipe. This type of pipe allows airflow between two pipes which regulates the pressure, provides higher performance, and lowers the volume.

    • Soundproof Your Interior

    This solution won’t quiet down your exhaust, but you will certainly feel like it did. If none of the points above work for you, this might be your last home. Some cars have a loud “voice” as an inbuilt trait, so you can’t do anything about it. This is especially present in cars with higher voices which can quickly start irritating the driver. If you want to enjoy a comfortable ride without affecting your performance whatsoever, make one of the best upgrades for your car and soundproof the cabin. Your local car shop will provide you with several soundproofing options, so make your choice. Just know that people around you won’t be satisfied with your solution to your loud exhaust. 

    Making your loud car silencer isn’t an easy task, especially if you’re just getting into cars. This guide will hopefully help you get an idea of how you can solve your loud car problem and make your vehicle more enjoyable for everyone. 

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