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    10 Apps To Watch TV Shows Free iOS and iPhone

    After the onset of Corona-virus, it was declared a pandemic, and to curb its spread, people were asked to work from home. Work from home became the new normal, and people start getting some time to do things they didn’t have time to do before. 

    Binge-watching their favorite TV shows is one such thing on the top of everyone’s list. We need to buy subscriptions to these apps to be able to access their content. 

    There are a plethora of such online platforms, and you cannot get subscriptions to allot them, especially in this crisis. Albeit, there are easy money loans offered by many direct lenders in the UK, but you would not want to take such loans, to buy premium memberships of these apps. Instead, you can use these loans to meet other essential liabilities in your business. 

    Apps To Watch TV Shows Free iOS and iPhone? Free TV shows for iPhone? Watch TV shows for free on iPhone? How to watch TV shows on iPhone for free? We created this blog to inform you about unpaid apps so that you don’t have to spend so much amount on these app subscriptions. Let’s get to know these fantastic apps which don’t charge you a penny. 

    Apps To Watch TV Shows Free iOS and iPhone

    10 Apps To Watch TV Shows Free iOS and iPhone

    • TUBI

    Now you can watch your myriad TV series and movies for free on the Tubi app. It is an award-winning app. They don’t ask you for your credit card details, and you can access the entire content here without spending even a pound. Their content is top-notch with collaboration with MGM, Lionsgate, Paramount, and other such reputed film studios. 

    The categories on this app are enticing in the likes of “Not on Netflix” or “Rotten Tomatoes Best Ratings” featuring shows from all genres from comedy to thriller and from kids to family shows. They have it all under one umbrella.

    • UK TV NOW

    UK TV now iOS? (or) UKTVNOW iOS? Watch TV series on iPhone? uktvnow for iPhone? This is more of a live TV streaming app available on the iPhone, which has 150+ live channels from many countries. The channels cover a broad range from kids to movies, from entertainment to documentary in one place. It has the content of every form of movies, music, videos, sitcoms, you name it, and they have it. 

    The best part is you have to install the app on your iPhone and watch it all for free. There are no in-app purchases on UK TV Now.


    No, this is not Netflix or its subsidiary, but it is no less than Netflix as well. Also, it is free, unlike Netflix, and you can stream it to watch your favorite TV shows and movies on your iPhone. 

    The good part here is on-demand movies being played and that too, with minimal ads in between your entertainment. Be it horror or family movies, or be it sitcoms or action series, they have it all.

    • MOBDRO

    Now watch live TV on your phone while relaxing on your couch on Mobdro, which also allows you to download your favorite movies and watch them anytime. This is one of the cost best apps for online streaming as it is free; it has amazing content and user-friendly UI.

    The bug fixes are faster, and the APK version of this app does not contain ads making it convenient.

    • PLUTO TV

    This app has an abundance of content that you will need years to watch it all, making it perfect for binge-watching. Despite such diverse and amazing content onboard, you will not have to face a cash crunch as you won’t have to shell out a penny to access the content. 

    The developers of this app claim to host 250+ channels and more than 1000 movies on the app available on the app store on your iPhone for free. Whether you want to watch blockbuster movies of all time or tune in to news channels, you will find everything here. 

    • PLEX

    Thousands of movies, TV shows, podcasts, web shows, music, news, etc. are all available on this platform. You can watch your favorite stars showcasing their acting skills in Plex. It has Oscar-winning movies, classical music as well. 

    The signup process is easy and smooth, with no need to make any payment. The best part is that even you can add your photos, videos, and music to libraries to watch them on your devices instantly. 

    • IMDB TV

    IMDB needs no introduction as we all have used this website to know any movie’s rating before watching it. IMDb TV is a renowned platform globally to get celebrity information, trivia, watching movies, and TV. It also provides information and content related to awards, entertainment news, and other such important events. The database of this app is humongous with 5 million movies and TV shows for you completely free. 


    If you are a fan of digital books and audiobooks apart from other sources of entertainment, then this is your go-to platform. It has e-books, audiobooks, comics, blockbuster movies, a famous TV series, etc. When it comes to diverse content, they are one of the undisputed leaders of this space as they have the best sellers in books and novels and niche content. 

    • HULU TV

    Another entertaining platform for binge-watching your favorite news, movies, entertainment shows, etc. It boasts of hosting more than 300 TV channels on its app, and apart from no subscription, the other best part is no ads in between your shows, making it superior to your television. The categories here are pretty eclectic and exciting and has a lot of content to explore in them.


    Stream TV shows free iPhone? Stream the best Hollywood movies of all time and a whole other range of content in the form of originals and TV specials on this app available on the app store. Yes, this is an un-paid app, and you don’t have to pay anything even to access their premium content. The ads are very minimal in between, and the categories are umpteen to explore.

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