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    Top 5 Health Insurance Plans at Very Low Premiums

    Health insurance is intended to support financial needs in medical emergencies. People generally struggle for arranging funds if there is any sudden medical emergency for someone in their family. They either have to liquidate their assets or seek financial help from someone in their close circle or sell their gold etc. 

    To avoid such struggles, investing in health insurance that can serve the medical needs in emergencies is a good idea. Compared to a few years back the penetration of the health insurance market in India as well as in global scenario has witnessed a spike in recent years.

    Moreover, the number of people thinking about taking a sufficient health insurance plan to cover their family members has increased after the incidence of Covid-19. 

    Keeping in mind the medical facilities in India, it is important to have some basic coverage for any.

    Top 5 Health Insurance Plans at Very Low Premiums

    Top 5 Health Insurance Plans at Very Low Premiums

    1. Choose Plans with Co-Payments and Sub-Limits

    Some health insurance plans come with some co-payments and sub-limits in various aspects of the treatment. Usually, plans with such options cost low compared to plans with no limits on such things. You can choose such plans to cut down the cost. But it is also important to notice that sub-limits or co-payment limits mean, you would be paying for the partial bill amount depending on the co-pay limit and sub-limits as per the terms and conditions mentioned in the policy documents.  

    2. Choose Plans That Have More Waiting Periods

    This is something that depends on your overall health and any pre-existing medical illness. If you don’t have any existing illness at the time of purchasing the policy and you are buying it at a young age and all family members also don’t have any existing critical health issues. Then you can go with health insurance plans for a family with co-pay and sub-limits. But read carefully what is covered and what is not before finalizing the plan that you are going to purchase. 

    3. Buy Health Insurance at Early Age

    Health insurance premiums are calculated and charged based on several aspects among which age if one deciding factor of the policy premium amount. Buying a health insurance policy when you are young can cost you low compared to buying it later when you age. 

    4. Use a Combination of the Base Plan and Top-Up Plan to Cover More

    In health insurance, there are plans like base plans and top-up plans. Generally, top-up plans cost low compared to base plans with the same amount of coverage. This is because the probability of using a top-up plan is less compared to the base plan. Top-up plans come into action only once the coverage amount in your base plan gets exhausted. 

    Considering that, if financial status allows you to pay some amount out of your pocket, say for example 2 lakhs. Then you can choose the amount you can pay as deductible while purchasing such top-up plans. 

    Another scenario can be if you have a health insurance plan provided by your employer, then also you can go with top-up plans to cut down the costs. 

    But one important thing to remember here while choosing the top-up plans is there are two types called top-up plans and super top-up plans. Top-up plans cover your bills only if the deductible amount is crossed in a single hospitalization in a year, whereas the super top-up plans can serve even if this amount is crossed in multiple hospitalizations. So you must understand the difference between top-up plans and super-top up health insurance plans

    5. Choose Plans with Basic Coverage 

    Health insurance plans are priced based on several aspects among which type of treatments and health issues covered also one part of pricing high. Plans that offer home hospitalization, AYUSH treatment, eye checkup, and spectacles, etc. are some examples. You can choose plans that don’t cover such aspects to cut down cost on health insurance premiums If not covering such treatments are fine for you. 


    Health insurance plans are priced based on several aspects like the age of the insured, existing illnesses, waiting periods, co-pays, sub-limits, services, and treatments covered in the plan. Hence if you are looking for a low-cost health insurance plan, you need to do some research on these aspects of health insurance and choose based on your need and affordability. You are buying low-cost health insurance means you should be ready to sacrifice some featured offered by health insurance plans. Hence a proper understanding of pros and cons is necessary before choosing the right plan under budget for your needs. 

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