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    How to Improve Your Short Game in Golf

    The biggest secret to increasing your game is by practicing every day. Not only does this take the pressure off of you, but it also helps you develop a good work ethic.

    I've known some professional golfers that have played their entire lives and never changed. They play on whatever course they can find and still are not any better than they were when they started playing. I've seen them hit a few good drives and then hit a terrible one and then hit one bad.

    By learning on how to improve your short game in golf that you will not get discouraged easily. If you continue to play at this rate, you may have to give up some golf lessons.

    How to Improve Your Short Game in Golf

    Short game tips are very easy to apply. It doesn't matter for a beginner. Just follow the simple rules and you'll be playing in no time.

    Tips on How to Improve Your Short Game in Golf

    • Take Swing Short

    First, you should always try to keep your swing short. This will make you more accurate and will also help you to stay more centered. You don't want to hit all your power from the inside of your shoulders. If you swing too long it will take all of your power and you'll miss many great shots.

    Second, you should always try to keep your club pointed toward the target with your short game tips. You want to avoid swinging from left to right.

    Finally, you should always practice keeping your grip consistent with your short game tips. Make sure that you keep your grip tight as you swing and make sure that you keep your wrists bent.

    If you use these short game tips consistently, you will be a much better golfer than you think. Soon you will have developed a good work ethic and be able to play golf in a high school tournament.

    Short game tips are also essential in your putting. There are a few things that you need to learn to improve your putting stroke. This tip will help you make your putt more consistent and will help you improve your putting distance.

    • Allow Your Shoulders

    Your shoulders are the most important part of your body that you need to keep up to your short game tips. If you allow your shoulders to hang down at the bottom of your back-swing, it will make your shot longer. and your putt harder to hit.

    Always follow your short game tips with your shoulders staying up. You can do this by making sure that your shoulders move back and forth in a smooth motion instead of slumping back.

    Your shoulders should be parallel to the ground during your downswing. The more parallel to your shoulders are, the easier it is for you to hit a longer, straighter putt.

    Keep your shoulders up in a back-swing and you'll have a good, firm backing. Your shoulder blades should be pointing down towards your stomach. This helps to keep your spine square.

    Remember to practice these tips over again until you have them down. Once you have them down, practice them on a regular basis.

    • Keep Your Wrists Straight

    Another tip to help you improve your short game in golf and long game is to make sure that you keep your wrists straight. As a golfer, you tend to turn your wrists in or out as you swing. If your wrists turn in you won't have as much power in your shots and they may be less accurate. To correct this problem, simply rotate your wrists back and forth in your back-swing.

    • Keep Your Eyes Directly

    When you are looking down your ball while teeing off, always make sure that you keep your eyes directly on the ball. If you focus on the club you ball, the ball won't seem to move. Even if it does, keep your eyes on it.

    If you are going to be putting the ball in the water, make sure that you make sure you keep your eye on the ball. Always check it from left to right when putting. When you turn your head to look left, make sure that you keep your eye right. on the ball.

    By following these short game tips, you will find that you are more consistent and accurate when you are putting. and your putting distance will increase.

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