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    Why is Gojek Clone App - On Demand Service App Clone

    Get all details regarding the Gojek Clone app right here. All answers to the Whats and the Whys for your own multi services app based business with the help of the Gojek Clone lie here!

    Technology is the crutch that we depend on heavily today. We can hardly walk a few steps without it, let alone live about our lives. Today, we depend on softwares, apps and technology for just about everything, whether it is to measure our health and fitness or to undertaking our business dealings, to book flight tickets or even to buy daily groceries. 

    Gojek Clone App - On Demand Service App Clone

    Today, there is an app for everything. But, as if on cue that we are never going to be satisfied with disjointed service platforms, the evolution of multi service based platforms started. In the form of Gojek Clone, today, one app can handle just about any and all kinds of services that one may need.

    Why is Gojek Clone App - On Demand Service App Clone

    Gojek Clone App- The WHATs and the WHYs

    Before we start getting acquainted with how the GojekClone app can help your business, it is important to understand the Gojek app and what does the ‘clone’ of the Gojek app mean. So, for starters, Gojek was an app launched in Indonesia to offer bike taxi services. Considering the heavy traffic and narrow lanes in Indonesia, moving about in a car was more difficult than soaring through the streets in bikes. 

    This is why, the app started off as a platform to allow users (customers) to hire bike taxis and bike owners to enjoy an income simply by driving around the cities. This quickly become a major hit and then Gojek started expanding its service portfolio to delivery, food delivery, on demand service provider hiring and much more. 

    It became so popular within its first year of business that the following years earned it the title of a business Unicorn. So, Gojek had paved the way for other interested entrepreneurs to start off their own multi service apps in their countries to earn a whole lot of money by facilitating customers and service providers.

    Now, the Gojek Clone is basically an app that is modeled after the original Gojek App. A development team typically has to sit with a team of 15 to 16 people and work with state of the art equipment and technology to strip the code of the Gojek app down completely and then rebuild the new app by coding it all over again. 

    This means that while it is referred to as a clone app, it has nothing to do with a copy pasting adventure of the code. The app will have a similar flow to that of Gojek so that more and more people who have used that app or are familiar with it find it comfortable in using the new app as well. 

    Since the new app, which is also known as the Gojek Clone multi service app, is built by coding everything from the ground up, while it is still a clone, the development team has ample freedom to add any and all kinds of enhancements that may be relevant to the place where the app is being launched and the current trends. 

    Therefore, a GojekClone app will not only have Gojek like features but ones that are even better and more pronounced, for example, during the Covid-19 corona virus pandemic lock down, the Gojek Clone app had a feature that would ensure contactless delivery so that the delivery professionals would not have to be in direct contact with the customer for both their safety. 

    Securing the Right Gojek Clone App - On Demand Service App Clone for your Business

    There is no doubt about the fact that Gojek Clone apps became extremely popular. As more and more people began to understand the potential of this business and the worth that it may have in their own countries and areas, it became evident that entrepreneurs all over the world are going to want their own multi service app.

    This is why, mobile app developers, the world over, started building their own versions of the Gojek clone. However, with so many options available, it is easy to see how the customers may be extremely confused with respect to which one is the right option for them.

    Our advice would be to first eliminate any individual developer claiming to build the app. It is impossible for a single developer to build an app as complex as Gojek. Please understand that the scope of the app is so vast that it requires at least the following resources:

    - Android Developer

    - iOS Developer

    - PHP Developer

    - App Designer

    - Website Designer

    - Content Writer

    - Quality Analyst 

    - Business Analyst

    - Systems Analyst

    - Data Base Analyst

    - Project Manager

    If even one of these resources is missing, then your app will not be a seamless one which will eventually percolate to bad business returns for you. 

    The best way to find the right app for your business is to look for a reliable white label on demand mobile app Development Company with at least 6 to 8 years of experience. The experience of the company is important because that is the only way you can determine if they are aware of this industry and the fluctuations that it brings with it. 

    The other important this is to ensure that the company that you hire is not only responsible for building your app but also launching your Gojek Clone multi services app so that there is no chance for it to get rejected due to any technical reason on the Google Play store and the iOS App Store. 


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