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    5 Best Medical Billing Software for Home Based Business

    Medical billing software for home based business that comes to the rescue for doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals. With the help of billing software, healthcare professionals can focus on their job while the paperwork can be handled by technology.

    But what does this billing software do? How can they help with minimizing the paperwork in the field of healthcare but provide efficient and accurate results?

    What is Medical Billing Software?

    Medical Billing software is an application on a computer that can automatically gather, store, and take care of any healthcare billing processes, patient data, and more. Most healthcare businesses, whether large or small, can benefit from this piece of technology. It improves the reimbursement rates, maintains the financial health of a business, and optimizes the revenue.

    The Benefits of Medical Billing Software for Home Based Business:

    • It helps in managing medical claims for insurance purposes, as it has the patient’s details, including the diagnosis, treatment, medications, and more.
    • Offers precise and accurate management of accounting and financial processes. It can help with the payroll, online bills, timesheets, and remote payment.
    • All billing and collection are managed well. It processes electronic and hard-copy data for patients and insurance companies.
    • Search, manage, check on previous records of patients when needed easily and fast. There is no need to go through a pile of papers to look for a patient’s record. Healthcare or medical billing software stores all you need.
    • It handles appointment scheduling and billing processes.
    • It stays compliant, being up-to-date, and in line with the standards of HIPAA.
    • Get updated reports on financial and patient records.

    Best Medical Billing Software for Home-based Business

    How much does it cost?

    The cost of the software depends on certain factors. It relies on the size of your enterprise and if you want an on-site or off-site server. Off-site servers (Web-based or “cloud” software) are more affordable.
    Now you have an idea of what medical billing software is and what benefits you can get, it’s time to search for the best.

    There is a lot of medical billing software in the market but not every application can provide you with what you need, especially during this pandemic. You want software that can work even when you are at home, to avoid face to face or physical contact. You’ll need an app that won’t malfunction and can be managed remotely.

    Don’t fret, as we will provide you with the best medical billing software for home based business.

    5 Best Medical Billing Software for Home Based Business

    1.  Kareo Medical Billing Software:

    Kareo is designed to support independent businesses. Therefore, if you need a billing app that’s complete and gives you all you need as you run your business, Kareo medical billing should be the first thing on your mind.

    Why it’s made for independent practices?

    • All built-in features are created for the needs of small practices.
    • No complicated, time-consuming, and expensive functionality as compared to hospital billing programs.
    • Simple and straightforward pricing.
    • Provides free training and support.
    • Delivers the best results.

    It offers various solutions and products you can choose from to support your business.

    With over 15 years of being in the service, Kareo medical billing software has proven its worth and how it can support businesses that need a flexible and affordable billing system.


    • Its Cloud-based function allows users to access their files wherever they go. 
    • Easy to use when writing notes, prescriptions, and managing patients.
    • It has web and mobile applications.
    • Supports in-house billing system.
    • Free 60-day coaching with no extra cost.
    • Provide email, chat, and phone support.
    • Work with experts to eliminate laborious paperwork.
    • Provides the best security to protect all data. It passed regulatory requirements from HIPAA, HITRUST, and PCI DSS.
    • Marketplace that provides the option to integrate other tools and applications.


    The best part about Kareo medical billing is the continuous updates it offers to their users.
    The Telehealth product’s latest update is that you can see and connect with your patients anywhere and anytime you or they are available. And, it’s fully reimbursed by private payers.

    They have also updated their specialty services, mental health and physical therapy, with better billing processes.


    If you want to know how much it cost, you need to send a quote to them. They tailor the price based on what you are and need as a business.

    2.  DrChrono Medical Billing Software for Home Based Business:

    DrChrono has been around since 2009 and served almost tens of thousands of physicians and millions of patients. 

    It’s a robust system for claims management and innovative functions. It allows users to carry out tasks on multi-locations. DrChrono has multiple features that can cater to the needs of larger enterprises or hospitals and small businesses or clinics.


    • Billing services can optimize your cash-flow, create comprehensive and efficient billing services for payments, has expert billers with years of experience, and streamlines all payment services with a secure and fast reimbursement process for patients.
    • EMR can be customized and has time-saving shortcuts based on your specialty.
    • Connect with patients with the Telehealth. Start a video call or visit to check on your patients or schedule an online checkup. No need to add another software or app.
    • Online scheduling and auto-reminders.
    • Real-time updates of patients' files and data that is compliant with the HIPAA.
    • Mobile version to access what you need anytime and anywhere. It has an iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and desktop app.
    • Over 20 specialties that can cater to your patients’ needs. 
    • Reduces errors and boosts staff efficiency.


    DrChrono has plans, but the prices depend on what you need. Similar to Kareo, you need to send a quote for the estimated cost of your plan.
    • Prometheus: Basic scheduling, send reminders, use free-draw tools, and more. 
    • Hippocrates: Advance scheduling, has the latest tools like insurance eligibility checks, e-prescribing, and streamline workflow for user’s patients.
    • Apollo: All-in-one EHR and Practice Management, billing tools, and more.
    • Apollo Plus: Fully-integrated billing services with the help of experts.

    3.  Nextgen Medical Billing Software for Home Based Business:

    Home-based businesses get the most out of this software as it provides complete, integrated tools that are easy to use. It’s utilized by small clinics or doctors for outpatient services, identification of claims, and complex billing processes.


    • Manage all your files, bills, and other data in the cloud. With an internet connection, you can gain access to your patients’ data anywhere and anytime you need. It’s the best option for small practices.
    • Real-time workflow helps your staff become more productive, and they can attend to patients' needs.
    • Tools to schedule appointments of patients and calendars to manage staff and individual physician’s availability.
    • Provides smooth check-ins and convenient payments.
    • Automates tasks such as printing, running reports, and generating claims.
    • Speeds up the claim processing.


    Contact them to get the price of your plan or what you need.

    4.  Carecloud Concierge Medical Billing Software for Home Based Business:

    It’s a modernized software that can provide you with the best Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) solution. Users can concentrate on patients more than on the billing process. 

    Carecloud concierge combines real-time analytics and a team of experts that will create improved profitability, manages administrative burdens, and always up to date to adapt to the changing industry.

    With the practice management software and RCM together, it will provide you the service that can bring your business to the next level.


    • RCM experts will take care of all payment services from billing, remittance, and collection services.
    • Increase profitability by 7% and reduces staff costs.
    • Collective IQ has a built-in billing solution with over 180m rules.
    • Adapt to changes in the industry with minimal disruption. Cloud-based software that allows you to gain access anywhere and anytime.
    • Streamline all your work with the integrated EHR, practice management, and patient experience.
    • Boosts patient collections and lifecycle with Breeze.
    • Monitor the performance, improvement, and get answers to your questions when needed.


    Carecloud concierge provides four main solutions based on your needs.
    • Practice Management: Starts at $349 per provider/ month.
    • Electronic Health Records: Starts at $279 per provider/ month.
    • Revenue Cycle Management: Starts at 3% of collections
    • Patient Experience Management: Starts at $199 per provider/ month.

    5.  Practice Suite Medical Billing Software for Home Based Business:

    Last on our list of medical billing software is Practice Suite. It’s a cloud-based platform that has a complete set of tools and supports 61 EHR and 150 medical billing software specialties.

    It has a single login for all and can be accessed anywhere and anytime. It also adapts to any group, third party billing, and broad staff base. It lets you stay connected with your patients, manages your entire practice, and lets you bring your work with you wherever you go.


    • Improves reimbursement with a 1:1 scheduled meeting.
    • Connect with patients using a secure video and/ or phone consultation. 
    • Improves revenue collection and payment time.
    • Organized payment and scheduling practices.
    • Accepts in-person or online payments.
    • Patients can access their records and other online services.
    • Personalized and interactive dashboard.
    • Includes training and coaching guides.


    There are three plans offered, Billing Starter edition, Billing Plus Edition, and Medical Billing Complete edition. For pricing call 510-284-2425.


    Utilizing the best medical billing software for home based business, like the ones mentioned above, can enhance your business's performance and bring competitive advantages.

    The features offered by this software are helpful for the success of your business, and it can keep you and your patients safe especially in our current situation.

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