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    Best Gaming Console Accessories Buying Guide

    There is a large variety of gaming consoles available in the market, and it is really hard to decide which console best suits your demands and needs. Each console is different having its own unique strengths and you have to choose wisely according to your preference. There are currently three dominating gaming consoles in the market, known as The Big Three- the Playstation, the Xbox, and Nintendo’s game consoles. All of these gaming console brands have different features that allow the console shoppers to choose according to their needs. 

    The big three are further classified into different models, the recent inventions are the PlayStation 4, the Xbox One, and the Nintendo Switch. Whichever console you choose for yourself, each of them may require accessories to further assist your gaming. They will combine with your gaming console to provide you an excellent gaming experience. In this blog post, we list down the best accessories for the most popular gaming consoles out there.

    Best Gaming Console Accessories Buying Guide

    Best Gaming Console Accessories Buying Guide

    1.  Playstation 4 Accessories

    The PlayStation 4 offers many features but the addition of some accessories will make the experience a lot better for you. There are a variety of accessories available for PS4 at Esource parts. It is not possible to choose some from a very large variety so we are just letting you know about some of them. 

    2.  Dock Station Dual Charger Stand

    Gaming consoles have battery-operated controllers that need to be charged, such as the PlayStation4 Dualshock controllers. Starting with the PS4 controller Dock Station Dual Charger Stand, a wireless charging stand that is designed to charge any of the PS4 controllers. It can charge up to 2 DS4 controllers simultaneously without any wires as it is a wireless charger. It has an LED indicator that shows the charging status of your controllers. 

    3.  Keyboard and Mouse Gamepad Controller Converter

    People buy consoles but they might prefer shooting games with keyboard and mouse. Yes, this looks foolish but we have something for this too. The keyboard and mouse gamepad controller converter. It is a keyboard and mouse adapter that allow gamer to enjoy games on different consoles with keyboard and mouse. However the mouse only maps the aiming, shooting, and camera moving function, but it is compatible with all games. There is no delay for the mouse and keyboard while playing and you can now enjoy your favorite games on a gaming console with a mouse and a keyboard using this innovative accessory. 

    4.  Wireless Bluetooth Game Messenger Chatpad

    It is difficult for console gamer to chat and type using the controller but this is no more a problem now. The wireless Bluetooth game messenger chatpad keyboard for PlayStation4 makes it easy for you to chat on your console. It is a wireless keyboard that will connect via Bluetooth. This allows you to communicate easily without interrupting your game and without attaching any clumsy wires to your PS4. 

    5.  Nintendo Switch Accessories

    The Nintendo Switch is a unique gaming console because of its design and games. It offers multiple features that you can use to get an enhanced gaming experience. Due to its unique style, some key accessories might be necessary for you if you are a Nintendo Switch gamer. Although Esource Parts offers a variety of accessories for the Nintendo Switch, we are only letting you know about some of them. However, you can choose any accessory you like from Esource Parts. 

    6.  Gaming Grip Handle Controller

    The default controller of the Nintendo Switch can be difficult to grip for some users. For this, we offer you a Gaming Grip Handle Controller for Nintendo Switch joy-con. This is the perfect Nintendo Switch accessory that will convert you joy-con to a full-sized remote controller. This grip expands the possibilities of games on the Nintendo Switch as it allows you more control and makes traditional gaming experience possible for you with a standard remote control. It is a low weight grip that can fit easily to the joy-cons and convert them into a classic controller for gaming.

    7.  Game Shock Two Interface Controller

    Considering the default controller of the Nintendo Switch, many people decide to use a different controller than the default. Choosing from a variety of different controllers available in the market can be difficult. Thus, we are presenting you with one of the best controllers for the Nintendo Switch. The Game Shock Two Interface controller for Nintendo Switch is something you should be putting your hands on. It can connect to your console using the USB port. The joystick’s dual analog is designed to offer control in the 3D game environment. They react to the slightest pressure that makes them great sensitive buttons. This controller is comfortable that allows you to play for hours continuously. The wired connection removes the worry of charging the battery and makes it an easy plug and play controller.  

    8.  Xbox One Accessories

    Xbox is one of its kind. It is a very stylish design that attracts the eyes of the people. Here are the best accessories for the Xbox One that are available at Esource Parts:

    9.  Xbox One Power Supply Converter

    Xbox has its own users and most of the Xbox One users will likely have upgraded from an Xbox 360. Considering this change, the uses of Xbox need to spend more to change the power cords and other similar cables. However, Esource Parts is here to serve you the best. The power supply converter for Xbox 360 to Xbox One is something the Xbox users are looking for. You do not need to overspend for your power cables as this supply socket plug adapter allows you to use the same power cable for both of your Xbox consoles. You just need to connect it to your regular gaming console’s power supply at one end and then connect the other end to the device. This way you can use your previous power cable for your new console as well. It is an ideal accessory that stops you from spending money. 

    10.  Wireless Bluetooth Chartpad Keyboard

    Chatting via controllers on consoles is a bit difficult and to ease the communication between Xbox gamers, we present you the wireless Bluetooth chatpad keyboard for Microsoft Xbox One controller. This chatpad keyboard can directly be connected to your Xbox controller and you can seamlessly connect it with your Xbox controller using the wireless USB receiver provided. It allows you to chat any time while playing games on your Xbox One. This keypad will maintain the connection without interrupting the game-play. You can chat and play without facing any lags or delays. 

    Final Words

    Accessories will make your gaming experience a lot better as they provide you the extra features that are not included in your gaming console. Although we have only described some of the accessories of The Big Three gaming consoles, we have a large variety of accessories waiting for you at Esource Parts. You can choose anything according to your preferences and get that delivered at your doorstep. 

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