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    Top 6 Tips for Buying Dry Dog Food

    When shopping for dog food, the first big decision you have to make is choosing between dry and wet food. Although both types offer several benefits to your canine friends, the dry variety offers more to you and your pet.

    Dry dog food is easy to measure, something that can be quite handy if you need to dole out exact portions of your pet’s meal due to strict dietary considerations. Moreover, this pet food variety is simple to store: transfer the product to an airtight container and you can keep your canine’s treat for a long time.

    Because of this, you can buy dry dog food like the Natures Blend By Dr. Marty in bulk and never worry about it going bad before its expiration date.

    Some dry dog food products are specially manufactured to help clean your pet’s teeth, as well. Some canine breeds tend to develop tooth and gum problems easily. If your pup is one of them, feeding him this special variety of dog food can help him fight these conditions.

    Lastly, dry dog food is less expensive than wet varieties. As such, you can save some money while still ensuring your pet is getting the nourishment he needs every day.

    Top 6 Tips for Buying Dry Dog Food

    Shopping Tips for Buying Dry Dog Food

    If you are switching from wet to dry food or buying dry dog food for the first time, follow these tips to enjoy a smooth and satisfying shopping experience:

    1. Shop online:

    The best tip to follow when shopping for dry dog food for the first time is to check your options online first.

    Search for the most recommended products and find out where you can buy them. Aside from looking for brick-and-mortar shops, look for online ones that offer dog food delivery service so you can have your orders delivered to your home.

    This is a service you will find handy if you can’t go out but need to stock up on supplies.

    Don’t forget to read and compare the prices, delivery rates and time, and the terms and conditions of your shortlisted shops to find out which one offers the best deals.

    Lastly, read reviews about the products and stores to ensure you will have a satisfying shopping experience.

    2. Check the nutrient content:

    Your dog’s food will be his number one source of nutrients. As such, you have to choose a product that will fully nourish your pet.

    All dog foods contain six basic nutrients: water, proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, and minerals. These are crucial elements of a canine's regular diet and help with various functions of the body.

    Additionally, when checking the nutrient content, look at the protein and fat levels. Find the GA or guaranteed analysis section on the label. This contains information about the minimum levels of protein and fat in the product.

    Growing puppies need a diet that is about 29 per cent protein. Adult dogs, on the other hand, require about 18 to 25 per cent protein in their diet.

    For optimal health and functioning, dogs need between 10 to 15 per cent fat in their daily diet.

    If you are switching from wet to dry food, check how much protein and fat the past brand contained, and how much is present in the new one you want to try. If the new product has more fat than the previous one, you may need to reduce the amount you give your pet. more here!

    3. Read the product ingredients:

    The best dog food contains named animal proteins such as chicken, beef, and lamb. Additionally, they have some vegetables, fruits, grains, and carbohydrate sources such as chickpeas, potatoes, or sweet potatoes.

    These natural ingredients provide the nutrients your dog needs to sustain his health and growth.

    However, avoid low-quality dog foods that contain high amounts of artificial colours, flavours, or preservatives such as BHA, BHT, and ethoxyquin.

    If the product uses preservatives, it should contain natural ones, such as mixed tocopherols.

    4. Be on the lookout for allergenic ingredients:

    Dogs have allergies too. If it’s your first time to own one, take note of the products you give your pet that causes him to vomit, sneeze, itch a lot, and develop hives and diarrhoea.

    Whenever you buy new Bela & Duke Dog Food, ensure you are getting a product that does not contain the ingredients you suspect are causing his allergy.

    This entails reading the ingredients list carefully and if a product contains the possible allergen, stay away from it. You have to do this every time you buy dog food, even if you are purchasing the same one, since manufacturers change their formulas from time to time.

    If you don’t, you may suddenly feed your pet something that will cause him to get sick.

    5. Check the expiration date:

    Whether you are buying from an online or brick-and-mortar store, once you have your hands on the product, read the expiration date.

    If you are buying several quantities, make sure they are within six months of their “best by” date. Make sure you feed your pet the products before their expiration as well.

    Keep in mind that all food products, including those for pets, lose their nutritional value when they expire. Additionally, they are more at risk of mould growth, moisture and insect contamination.

    To avoid wasting food and money and ensure you are feeding your pet something safe and healthy, stock products that still have long expiration dates. The best tip to follow when shopping for dry cavapoo dog food for the first time is to check your options online first.

    6. Buy the best dog food within your budget:

    Lastly, good dog food costs more than low-quality ones since they contain better, healthier, and more natural ingredients. However, it doesn’t mean that you should always opt for the most expensive ones.

    If you do your research right, you can find a safe and healthy product for your pet that won’t cause you to spend more money than you have to. Moreover, you can get one that your dog will love.

    You can save some more money by looking for a pet store that offers discounts for bulk purchases. As such, search for shops that have great deals on dog foods.  

    Even if a shop may not have “buy one, take one” promos, you may still get great deals on other items, such as the best dog tags online.

    Whether you are buying dry dog food for the first time and from an online or physical store, follow these tips to ensure you get an excellent product for your canine friend and the best value for your money.

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