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    How to Detoxify in Order to Lose Weight?

    Change in seasons can be the best time to detox. You get rid of the ailments from the last season and prepare yourself with what’s coming forward. The most primary way is to drink lots of water and eat half of your appetite.

    What do they mean when they say eat pure? Is a detox diet all you need to get rid of all that belly fat and cleanse your body the right way? Toxins can be heard everywhere these days and this is because we are living in a highly toxic environment. Bad dietary habits can cause bloating, gastrointestinal diseases and makes you more tired than usual. To recover from these entire all you need is a detox. Unlike what most of us know you do not need drastic measures or curb a lot on your appetite instead all you need is to make small changes that can help in the weight loss process.

    How to Detoxify in Order to Lose Weight?

    How to Detoxify in Order to Lose Weight?

    Do not waste your money on expensive supplements and drugs that makes fake promises of altering your cholesterol levels. Clean up your diet and detox with simple ayurvedic practices like eating right, yoga and meditation. Make the process more natural to keep it more natural. An overall health improvement practices can lead to a natural detox process. 

    But before, let’s get to know what toxins are? 

    Toxin is a word often used to define something or anything that may adversely affect your health and contaminate it. Some of the examples of toxins can be added sugar, chemicals, outside food and more.

    Sweat it right it is not easy to lose weight and the most challenging is losing belly fat. Finding a weight loss technique or a treatment that easily works on weight loss is difficult. We keep listening to a lot of remedies that work for weight loss, what we don’t understand is that what works for others might not work for you. Every person is distinguished in body constitution from one to another, hence the techniques vary too. The fat accumulation in body is determined by multiple causes such as body type, medical condition, genetics and medical history. Good news is, that one simple ayurvedic method that can actually work wonders for one and all of distinguished body type, size and structure, lifestyle, age and capabilities. 

    Ayurveda commits to give you the perfect body by burning the stubborn belly fat. The excess fat and belly fat with several more serious problems that cause similar and entailed problems like stroke, heart disease, obesity, diabetes and also cancers. In this blog we shall discuss with you the ingredients that will help you lose weight, 

    1. Guggul: 

    Guggul tops the list of all ayurvedic ingredients when it comes to losing belly fat and overcoming excess cholesterol. Comprising of ingredients like sap (gum resin) from the Commiphora Mukul tree. Guggul is a well known ingredient for weight loss as it contains the right substance to lower cholesterol;

    2. Garcinia Cambogia: 

    It is a fruit that works as an excellent supplement for weight loss. The topical fruit as we know has magical properties that blocks body’s ability to make fat. By speeding up the metabolism process, the fruit slows down your appetite. This further helps in cutting down the fat. Garcinia Cambogia is an excellent fruit that keeps your body;

    3. To lose weight it is important to follow a disciplined morning regimen

    To begin with you can start with an early morning habit of sipping on warm lemon water with a dash of organic honey. Ayurveda explains honey to be the syrup of youthfulness; this when mixed with warm lemon water can have dramatic impact on your metabolism. Beginning your day with this warm lemon water is said to burn fat quickly. 

    4. Ayurveda recommends 

    Ayurveda recommends having three meals instead of snacking on small meals in small intervals of time (unless you have low blood sugar levels). Your breakfast should comprise of medium sized meal with lots of fruits and leafy vegetables from 7:30 a.m. to 9 a.m. Lunch should be the largest meal of the day with heavy foods like egg, meat, cheese, vegetable, rice, desserts and more. 

    Digestion for your body is at its peak in the afternoon hence you can consume a heavy diet of your choice. Exactly opposite to this is the reason why your dinner should be light and taken before 7 p.m as your digestive system slows down at night. If you munch on junk in the night it results in loads of toxin build up. You can drink ginger and lemon detox tea at night before to cleanse your body of the toxin. This will also help in melting belly fat. 

    5. Keep sipping on warm water throughout the day

    As it aids digestion and exponentially stimulates detoxification process. To this warm water you can also add fresh ginger and other herbs to catalyze the digestion process. You can always snack on a green smoothie in between meals if you feel hungry. 

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