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    How Can Lungs Breathe Freely and Control Asthma?

    There is no life without air. We need to breathe to stay alive and thrive. The atmosphere or air contains oxygen which has to be carried into the bloodstream for life sustenance and this is done by the lungs. Healthy lungs perform proper breathing function so that the organs of the body get sufficient oxygen and we stay healthy. 

    We have two lungs that are of different sizes. Most of the complaints or illnesses related to lungs are because of exposure to tobacco, smoky substances or harmful chemicals.

    How Can Lungs Breathe Freely and Control Asthma?

    The lungs are extremely important, let us see why?

    1) Lungs have airways that take in oxygen and give body life energy.

    2) The high acidity levels in the body, to some extent are controlled by the lungs. The increasing CO2 levels in the body make it very acidic. At this time the unwanted gas needs to be thrown out so the lungs increase the exhalation and ventilation. 

    3) The best way to take care of the lungs is to breathe fresh and good air, make lifestyle changes and take preventive measures. Our atmosphere is full of bacteria, microbes and dust particles. Lungs indirectly contribute in taking these to the digestive system so that they can be destroyed. This process is termed as mucociliary clearance. 

    4) Air embolisms or small air bubbles and miniscule blood clots need to be removed. This can be done easily with proper lung function.

    5) The heart pumps blood to all the organs in the body even to the lungs. These lungs in turn protect the heart from jerks, collisions, and pushes, acting like shock absorbers.

    6) The lungs have membranes that secrete Immunoglobulin A that guards these breathing sacs against selective harmful infections.

    7) The heart function is improved because the lungs act as a blood reservoir and they can contain varying amount of blood so that it can be used differently at different times.

    8) Lungs regulate airflow without which we cannot speak and communicate.


    Asthma is a breathing condition in which extra mucus is produced by the lungs and this narrows the airways.  This inflammatory lung disease does not cure and stays throughout life so you need the best medicine for lung diseases to get maximum oxygen into the body. The respiratory system stays effected by this ailment and we can’t get rid of it but the symptoms can be managed. The severity of asthma changes as time passes and lung size alters, but you need to be constantly in touch with a doctor. In this way you can get your treatment monitored and adjusted according to the symptoms of the illness and alterations in temperature.

    If the “good air” levels in the lungs are increased, then blood vessels expand and get plenty of air. Every cell in the lung gets fresh oxygen, and expels harmful microbes.  You can also start some preventive and helpful Ayurvedic medicines such as the Divya Lung care package to effectively deal with lung related issues such as asthma and other lung infections that are a result of toxins and microorganisms. For details on this log on to Shuddhi and search further for more information. 

    Timely medical intervention is a must in this lung condition because lack of air and oxygen can drain and exhaust a person and sometimes even cause death. 

    Symptoms of asthma are:

    1) The airway passage keeps reducing with the deposit of mucus and breathing becomes very tough and short. 

    2) Coughing is triggered because the person struggles to breathe and the wheeze can make life extremely uncomfortable. 

    3) Chest tightness: People who suffer from asthma feel pain and tightness in chest region. Daily activities are disturbed and if the airway gets “almost” blocked- the critical situation maybe life-threatening. 

    4) Shortness of breath prompts the person to gasp for air and this does not permit any relaxation or rest

    5) Wheezing: A whistle like sound comes when the individual struggles to breathe in. The face becomes red and strained with the labored breathing. It is scary and very painful. Asthma can drain a person of energy and leave him or her scared and petrified many times.

    The symptoms vary from individual to individual but they worsen as the night extends into daybreak. Ayurveda medicinal herbs definitely make an asthma patient more comfortable with regular use, so why not try and march the path of natural goodness and try out the best medicines for lung diseases?

    Why does asthma manifest?

    1) Exposure to weather changes and cold environments cause the wheezing to flare

    2) Infections  like flu or other respiratory viruses can torment a person because the mucous dangerously block the airways 

    3) Excessive ingestion of cold products can block respiratory tubes causing the breathing process to become stressful and arduous.

    4) The breathing problem can get seriously triggered by certain food items.

    5) Lung diseases are a major reason for asthma

    6) Faulty lifestyle, over drinking and smoke can be fatal for many asthmatics.

    Taking cold foods can lead to blockage in the respiratory channel, resulting in breathing difficulty. Staying in cold and moist environment is a reason for an asthma flare up too, so keep an eye on the symptoms so that they don’t worsen. You need to be very careful if:

    1) People get restless and make effort to take gulps of air in

    2) Tightness becomes unbearable and more frequent.

    3) Check breathing on a peak flow meter. The lung performance can be checked out by blowing into this device.

    4) Check out if there is an increase in the usage of the quick relief inhaler

    Asthma may be a result of environmental triggers such as allergens and genetic dispositions so do not take chances and stand next to exhaust pipes throw out chemical laden fumes, you need to protect your lungs from infectious attacks and have to chalk out a preventive strategy to stay healthy and well.

    There are certain risk factors that predispose a person to breathing trouble.It may become difficult to control a situation after it has manifested so it is important to understand the risks that people are exposed to:

    Excessive weight
    Living in a polluted environment
    Parent, brother or sister suffering from this breathing disorder
    A low immune system and a hyper response to other allergic conditions such as skin irritations and hay fever.
    Passive smoking
    Perfumes, hair sprays or other occupational triggers.

    You may not be able to avoid many of these risk factors but can definitely help yourself by taking a few necessary precautions and Ayurveda treatments like Divya Lung care package from Shuddhi You may notice that within no time an asthmatic is left struggling for air. The gasps and gulps can torment a person and may be extremely dangerous if not treated in time. Timely prevention and sufficient information can be very helpful in this case, so read on for more.

    What are the environmental circumstances and other factors that lead to worsening of asthma?

    1) Dust, dirt, smoke or other chemical fumes and gases. Many people who are employed at construction sites or factories. They face immense difficulty in breathing and face life threatening situations when their condition worsens.

    2) Excessive exercise in cold and dry weather conditions.

    3) The environment around us is full of allergens and these can enter the body and cause a severe respiratory induced allergy. Dust mites, mold spores, pollen, dried saliva, dry skin particles, cockroach waste, and pet dander, can be very harmful if they enter the airway and react with the body.

    4) Certain medications and nasal mucosa irritants also trigger asthma attacks 

    5) Stressful and emotionally moving situations

    6) Some food preservatives and food additives

    7) Acidity reflux forces the stomach food back into the throat infecting it and causing an asthma attack.

    Emergency treatment is imperative and will be assessed by the medical authority but you need to be extra careful if the inhaler you are taking does not improve breathing and the wheezing is worsening with each passing minute. People with asthma definitely face difficulty if their breathing becomes labored while they are playing a sport or game. Go natural is what we suggest!

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