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    Top 5 best Lead Management Software 2020

    If you aspire to have quality and loyal leads in your business, then it is high time to have a vital tool in your arsenal.

    A consistent influx of leads demands for a sophisticated mechanism that is seamless and smooth. 

    It shall consist of opt-in forms, landing pages for the assimilation of prospective business leads. The next step consists of marketing automation to nurture and pursue the leads and managing them through the sales funnel.

    The secret to scalable and dynamically progressive business lies in the conversion of business leads into customers. But to achieve this streak, one must be able to render quality leads consistently.

    So the crux is, what tools you must leverage to enhance the lead generation tactics? 

    Appointment Scheduling Software has been used as a lead management tool for a variety of industries. Real estate to health care, everyone is deploying this software for higher customer engagements, improved communication, and improved ROI as well.

    In this article, we are going to share with you 5 top lead generation and management tools that will escalate business conversions.

    5 Top-Notch Lead Management Software To Skyrocket Your Business

    1.  AppointEze:

    AppointEze is a cloud-based appointment and lead management software that comes with state of the art features like real-time availability. 

    A real-time tracking feature helps in the rational management of client appointments. This software is designed specifically considering small and medium-sized businesses in mind. 

    Thus optimizing features helps in saving time and money. Manage leads and significant follow-ups by automated text reminders, email marketing are a couple of ways to boost user engagement. 

    Calendar integration ensures appointment scheduling is updated over the to-do lists and lead never misses out on the meetup.

    Automatic time zone detection manages multiple clients based on dynamic geographic locations.

    2.  Jumplead:


    Jumplead is a lead generation software with various tools that are more than sufficient to meet the business requirements.

    It helps in lead generation in 4 different ways:

    Holistic integration of lead generation forms on the website.
    Creation of landing pages directly from Jump-lead.
    Engaging ways to attract customer’s attention like overlays.
    Live chat window for one to one personal messaging experience. 

    After your business starts getting a footfall of business leads, the next step is to nurture and preserve them. This is where jump lead plays a crucial role by sending bespoke emails and tailoring marketing automation campaigns.

    As the engagement time rises, emails can be triggered according to the activity.

    All these features work in a cohesive way and help you to understand the engagement history of a customer and you can get in touch with them proactively when required.

    3.  Freshsales:


    Freshsales makes contact management a smooth experience with 360-degree views of the contact list. It is achieved by seamless governing the data without any cutter on the desk.

    It is a one-stop solution infused with AI (artificial intelligence). Get a deeper understanding of the prospective leads through the lead score. 

    Visual sales pipeline gives an informatic view of all the deals at a single glance.

    Any decision made by the visitors on your website and any product cart-in are reflected in analytics.

    A state of the art mobile app gives a cutting edge CRM experience with a host of robust and intuitive integrations.

    Freshsales eliminates the need for multiple tools. Moreover, a free 21-day trial and no upfront credit card integration make things more professional.

    4.  Bitrix24:


    Bitrix24 makes life simple as it has complete tools required for lead management and communication.

    A comprehensive platform to administer files, projects, leads easily. Anyone, who is a part of the team on this software, cab track and work together in real-time, thus avoiding any communication error.

    A mobile app supporting iOS, Android OS helps teams to manage things easily.

    Premium features offer cloud-hosted data management and make features highly scalable.

    5.  Zoho CRM:

    Zoho CRM

    Zoho do not let you overwhelm you with extensive leads in sales. This CRM makes lead generation an automated process across various platforms like websites, chats, social media, etc.

    It is powered by artificial intelligence,  thus features like lead scoring, distribution, retaining quality leads is not missed at any circumstance.

    Harness quality leads and closes the deals with them smoothly. Measure the ROI of the google ads so that you can get the gist of your marketing strategy. 

    Zoho helps in easy integration with world-class marketing tools like unbounce, WordPress, Mailchimp, etc.

    Additionally, you can refer that whs software australia!

    Are You Ready To Create Best Lead Management Strategy? 

    In the pursuit of quality and riveting lead-generation and management, do not forget the crucial steps, and every step has its own role to play.

    Deploy all the main pillars of lead generation and experiment with different styles and discover what your audiences appreciate.

    Always brainstorm about what should be optimized and reformed to gain quality leads that help in better ROI.

    Author bio: Yi ling Chen is a passionate blogger at AppointEze- Appointment Scheduling Software. She writes articles related to CRM Software, Business management software etc that helps business owners to understand the importance of CRM software.

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