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    Everything You Need to Know About Dengue

    We have seen a large number of critical cases and deaths that have occurred due to dengue fever. It is a type of mosquito-borne disease whose vector is Aedes mosquito. About 40% of the total population lives in dengue-prone areas whereas approximately 390 million people get infected every year. Common symptoms of this viral disease include fever, rashes, headache, and muscle pain. Let us talk about this in detail.

    Everything You Need to Know About Dengue

    What is dengue:

    It is a type of viral disease which is caused by the bite of most common vector AedesAegypti. The reason for the condition could be any of the four serotypes including DEN-1, DEN-2, DEN-3, and DEN-4. If not cared properly, dengue can be life-threatening.

    Incubation period:

    It takes around 4-10 days after the mosquito bite to develop the first symptom. An infected person serves as the main carrier for that particular dengue virus serotype he is infected with. Studies have shown that after recovery from one virus serotype will give lifelong immunity to the person against that particular serotype.

    Signs and symptoms of dengue fever:

    An infected person can experience dengue in three different ways which include mild dengue fever, dengue hemorrhagic fever, and dengue shock syndrome. Let us talk about these conditions in detail.

    Mild Dengue Fever:

    After incubation period these symptoms can be seen in the infected person:
    Joint pain
    Muscle pain
    It might be the case these symptoms can automatically disappear after a week with. No serious or fatal condition is generally seen with mild dengue fever.

    Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever:

    It is the more serious condition then the mild fever. With each passing day, DHF becomes worse and should be treated in time. In DHF, you will see continuous high fever & headache including sore throat condition. It also includes most of the symptoms of mild fever. You may also experience:
    Bleeding from gums, mouth, or nose
    Blood spots under the skin
    Low blood platelet count
    Internal bleeding

    This condition is more common in children below 10 years of age. If you experience any of these symptoms quickly go for a checkup to prevent worse.

    Dengue Shock Syndrome:

    It is a severe condition that dengue can be and could cause death if proper medical treatment is not taken. Symptoms this condition can show are mentioned below:
    Heavy bleeding
    A quick drop in blood pressure
    Unbearable stomachache
    Immediate treatment is advisable to prevent death.

    How to diagnose
    After examining past medical history & travel history of the patient, doctors can diagnose dengue by various laboratory tests. Let us look at some of the methods by which dengue can be diagnosed.
    Antibody detection
    Blood test (platelet count monitoring)
    Molecular methods

    There is a rapid decline in platelet count in person with dengue and that is the indication of its diagnosis. Special kits are also available for the detection of antigens in patient’s serum and those are used in laboratories.

    How to prevent:

    As we all know that “prevention is better than cure” and smartness lies in taking some measures before it’s too late. Dengue is caused by a mosquito, so we have to take actions that prevent mosquito bite to prevent dengue. By doing these things you can prevent dengue.

    Wear full-sleeves clothes especially while playing outside in the evening, walking in the garden, and even while sleeping.

    The use of good mosquito repellent is advisable to prevent dengue.

    If possible, also use mosquito net while sleeping.

    Clean all water-filled containers including coolers regularly and clean surroundings as well.

    Make sure that there is no still water on the roof, balcony, garden, or your surroundings.

    By keeping these things in mind you can prevent dengue to spread.


    No specific medicine or vaccine has been approved for the treatment of dengue so far. It is advisable to take liquid like coconut water, juices, & ORS as much as possible. For the treatment of symptoms, pain killers like paracetamol or acetaminophen are advised. But avoid taking NSAIDs like aspirin or ibuprofen, as they make blood thinner that could be deadly in dengue.

    There are some herbal remedies as well that are very much helpful as well.

    Giloy- Consuming giloy juice could be great for people suffering from dengue. Giloy is said to be an important Ayurvedic herb with immune-boosting and infection-fighting properties. It also has a role to play in increasing the platelet count, which is the prime factor for dengue.

    Turmeric- It is one of the most common antibiotic herbs which we consume daily in a regular diet. A pinch of turmeric in a glass of warm milk can boost the body’s metabolism and assist in faster healing.

    Papaya leaf extract- In Ayurveda, it is known to be the best herbal remedy for the treatment of dengue. Papaya leaf juice can increase platelet count at a rapid rate and boost the immune system. Consumption twice or thrice a day in small quantities can give you a great result.

    Fenugreek leaves- It is known for having many health benefits and has an important role to play for Ayurvedic medicines. Fenugreek has sedative properties that can help ease pain and promote good sleep. It is also advised because it can reduce fever.

    Though there are numerous herbal remedies for relieving dengue, these are the best & most common ones that you can rely on. It is always advised to seek medical help if any of the symptoms you experience. These remedies can control the fever and help in faster recovery with medical treatment.

    This post might have given you an idea about what dengue is and what actions you need to take for its prevention and cure. So always try to take preventive measures so that you don’t have to suffer from this disease. For more information visit the content source- https://inversiontableselect.com/

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