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    Features That Made The Verdin an Environment-Friendly Condominium

    A lot of individuals and families alike now choose to invest and live in cost-efficient yet smartly-built homes for so many reasons. More than these providing a healthier environment for residents, it also gives a lot of financial advantages to both ends--residents and developers. Today, real estate businesses in the Philippines lean more towards pushing a more sustainable residential development and surrounding, and Megaworld is one of them.

    Sustainability has always been Megaworld’s forefront vision for its newest township, which is The Verdin in Cavite. This is the very first residential development within Megaworld’s 140-hectare Maple Grove township in General Trias, Cavite. The condominium development is set to rise along the township’s main six-lane, with environmental sustainability features throughout the entire building, complementing Maple Grove’s vision to become Cavite’s primary Green Central Business District.

    Features That Made The Verdin an Environment-Friendly Condominium

    Nowadays, combining sustainability with lifestyle has become the talk of the town. More and more home buyers get hooked with the idea of owning a property within sustainable grounds, with sustainable features, providing sustainable efforts, especially near the beach like Myrtle Beach SC and services that could help positively impact the environment. That being said, The Verdin in Cavite is set to win the hearts of home buyers searching for a new home.

    Are you one of these searchers? Curious about The Verdin down at Maple Grove? Want to know more about all features that made The Verdin an environment-friendly condominium? Turn your eyes down to our article and let us show you more of Megaworld’s The Verdin at Maple Grove:

    Solar-Powered Outlets

    The Verdin is said to integrate solar-powered outlets within the entire building, particularly at its Reading Nook and Roof Deck Lounge.

    Solar-powered outlets can cost you a lot, shifting from non-solar to solar-powered ones. However, this initial investment can end up saving you so much cash in the long run. As for The Verdin, it’s a big step towards pushing sustainability throughout the whole establishment. More than anything, solar-powered outlets are known to generate zero emissions, wastes, or byproducts, which means lesser pollutants and contributors of permanent damage to our planet. If you could find a condo development that offers sustainability and eco-friendliness like no other, why not go for it, right?

    Use of Recycled Materials

    You might feel off just by reading that subheading. A condominium development using recycled materials? Is that even possible?

    Fortunately, yes, it is possible. The condominium development wanted to stick with its vision of pushing sustainability forward and helping the environment, so they came up with the idea of using recycled materials for some of the building’s features and amenities. This includes recycled composites for the swimming pool deck and the children’s playground equipment. 

    You might be surprised when you find out that most features, items, or amenities within the condominium development are made out of recycled materials! That’s the way to go! Megaworld tends to shy away from the use of raw materials that could only possibly go to waste, so they came up with this idea of integrating recycled ones for most of the condo’s areas and equipment.

    Use of Energy-Generating Equipment:

    Yes, you read that right. A condominium development about to set foot on General Trias, Cavite, is making the most out of its sustainable vision by integrating energy-generating equipment at its Outdoor Fitness Area.

    Instead of generating so much energy from electricity, The Verdin’s outdoor gym lets you create energy, turn it into electricity, and power in no time! Instead of constantly wasting energy, especially during times that no one is actually using equipment yet it has to continue running, why not just create energy yourself? With that, you hit two birds with one stone by staying fit and giving off something useful to the environment at the same time.

    Green Jewel:

    Megaworld’s vision of creating a sustainable township doesn’t just stop there. Today, the condominium development says that the entire township is to be surrounded by seven green and open parks, which includes its primary and exclusive Central Park, that will eventually serve as the district’s “Green Jewel.”

    With that, residents will have enough fresh air to breathe, and space to relax, unwind and meditate. What more can you ask for?

    Wrapping Up:

    The world is slowly crumbling because of the heightened amount of pollutants, waste, and a whole lot more harmful chemicals and factors affecting the environment. Fortunately, more and more businesses, especially real estate ones, are stepping up in helping save the environment while also contributing to the economy by putting up residential developments that push sustainability and eco-friendliness forward. Looking for a place to settle and start a family? Why not consider Megaworld’s The Verdin? Indulge in a sustainable lifestyle while also enjoying some other features, offers, and benefits that come alongside it.

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