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    8 Things To Ask Before Working With Your Personal Trainer

    Working out is good for overall well-being and health. It is even better if you work out with a personal trainer. However, you have to understand the best way to make the most of your experience with your trainer. Selecting a professional and experienced fitness trainer is one thing. It is equally important to ask some basic but important questions before you start working out with the personal trainer. These issues are highlighted below. 

    8 Things To Ask Before Working With Your Personal Trainer

    Weekly workout schedule:

    The recommended weekly days for working out are three but this depends on health and fitness goals. Fewer days will make each workout feel like starting over again every time. Healthy adults should work out for a minimum of 150 minutes of moderate cardio and 75 minutes of vigorous training. Alternatively, you can consider a combination of a moderate and vigorous workout. This should be backed by resistance and flexibility training for about twice a week. 

    Isn’t cardio enough:

    Cardiovascular training works great when building a strong heart and lungs. However, it doesn’t offer stimulus the body needs to get bigger and stronger muscles and bones. The body adapts quickly to load when asked to move and your legs are subjected to load with limited motion. Strength training is good for increasing load on the legs and changing range of motion joints go through. Additionally, strength training is good for muscles you rarely use during cardio. 

    How many times to see the trainer:

    The frequency of seeing the best personal trainer in Dubai varies according to personal preference. When just getting started, you obviously need some support and motivation to work out. It is the same when having an injury you are working through. So, you are most likely to see the trainer once or twice weekly. Some people reduce the frequency of seeing the trainer to bi-weekly or once a month. This is after demonstrating ability to work out regularly and see progress with self-directed exercise.  

    What to eat before working out:

    Your body needs fuel before working out. It is important to eat easily digestible carbohydrates an hour or more before hitting the gym. This gives enough energy to see you go. Not too much peanut butter, toast, and fruit is also good. However, it is not good to eat before working out in the morning. Some people can handle cardio on an empty stomach but energy is required to get strength. Try out some different pre-workout meals to find what works for you. 

    What to eat after working out:

    it is equally important to understand the ideal way to eat after you work out. This will replenish glycogen and the muscles after training. Sports nutritionists recommend a light snack including easy-to-digest carbohydrates and proteins. Take this an hour after training and the next meal should be after an hour or two. Avoid eating too much and only stick to healthy options as a reward for your work out. 

    What is the best work out routine?

    Having excess fat on the upper arms, inner thighs, and on the belly doesn’t occur in isolation. There is a chance of having the fat in other parts of the body. Therefore, no single exercise will target fat cells in a particular body part. The best way to work on that fat is using regular exercise and appropriate nutrition. Following the appropriate strength training is important for muscular hypertrophy with your personal trainer handy. 

    When to expect seeing results:

    The rule of thumb is to feel results from your work out sooner that you are likely to see them. A new work out program backed by regular workouts enhances sleep, energy, and mood in about two to three weeks. Realizing changes in body composition takes much longer to get noticed. Consistency when working out and close adherence to the nutrition plan allows seeing results sooner. The trick is to focus on non-scale victories such as the push-ups you now perform and how you now fit in your favorite clothes. 

    Will the workouts get easier?

    It is okay to think that the body becomes stronger and familiar as you progress with your workouts making them feel easier. Well, most people experience this. As you progress with consistent and regular work out, the body doesn’t really adapt to the training session. There is a chance of feeling as challenged as the routine before. 

    However, the professional trainer will guide you on how to progress through the training plan. This keeps the body guessing on the right way to move forward at a steady pace. You are likely to feel the workouts as challenging as they were in the beginning. It is a sign that your fitness trainer is doing a great job.  

    Bottom line:

    A personal trainer is your best buddy when looking forward to having a healthy body. However, you need to keep the things above in mind before you start working out with the trainer. 

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