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    NBA and NFL Commissioners Talk About Making Technology a Way to Gain More Fans

    Things have become more interactive when it comes to combining sports and technology. Top executives have seen that there's a chemistry that's inescapable. This is particularly the case in terms of streaming services. Professional sports leagues are trying to find their way into the video streaming market, because this has been relatively untapped by them. With the recent Allen & Co. conference in Sun Valley, Idaho,  top sports executives were able to discuss the future of sports. Talk between NBA and NFL Commissioners focused mainly on how to keep the fans engaged and how to build a new audience. Technology has become a trailblazer in how people stay connected, so it's only natural that this is becoming more of a lifestyle thing.

    NBA and NFL Commissioners Talk About Making Technology a Way to Gain More Fans

    NBA Commissioner, Mr.Adam Silver, told CNBC, “We are defeating against every other potential form of enjoyment. We could be doing and observing our sport games.” These are just of the lead ideas that can openly increase ones experience while watching the game. This can assist keep every fan glued in a more connected manner, which goes external of just a classical spectator point of view. 

    NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell talks about the importance of technology and how it can help get fans into the stadiums. Accessibility is key. You want to give them something that they enjoy, and that can simply be giving them the same media as they have in their humble abode.  A suggestion that Goodell makes is, “Simply having Wi-Fi so they can access their own devices when they come into the stadium.” Furthermore, it can feel like they have everything they need for the whole game right at their finger tips. “They can use that technology to buy a jersey, to buy concessions, to find out the best way to enter into the stadium, or exit the stadium, what the traffic patterns are, what's going on around the league.” As you can see, the user experience is certainly a top priority. The user experience should be a top priority, especially for events like the Super Bowl, which is the second most-watched sporting event in the world; if you haven't already, you should run out and get SuperBowl tickets right now.

    This extends out to the fans that can't make it to the stadium. The executives want to give their fans a more augmented reality to get a great experience while being in the comfort of their own home. Some things that can be possible include seeing what it feels like to stand behind Tom Brady while looking down field or even how a defender tries to defend a play. Having that type of perspective adds a unique touch at Daily Fantasy Nerd.

    Also, this can open the doors for more legalized sports betting in eight states. It's about having a grasp of the digital market in order to create an app to facilitate these needs. Silver believes that it goes beyond just betting on the outcome of a game. 

    Of course, the NFL has also done well with EA's Madden for nearly 30 years.  Fans of football have been taking to this game with different tournaments. However, eSports has brought this to the next level with gamer gaining up to $100,000 and up for competition wins. Although this is a market for more first-person shooters, Goodell wants to find a way to make it more appealing for fans of the NFL. It's not impossible due to the online play and just how interactive things are in the gaming world these days. 

    Technology is here to stay. It'll only evolve more with the time as people get more acquainted to their mobile devices as a way to communicate and engage in the things that interest them. With new apps being developed and augmented reality becoming more of a tangible thing, we'll see what the future holds for the mix between sports and technology.   


    Author bio: Tabrez Ahmad is passionate about travelling whole the world and he shares their experience while travelling.

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