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    Myotherapy or Massage Therapy: What Works the Best

    Once in a while, we all must have gone through those nasty neck pains and stiffening, considering the sedentary lifestyle that most of us enjoy. Most of the fields of work require us to remain glued to our computer screen for hours and hours.  Rest of the credit, by all means, can be given to Netflix. Pretty much everyone of us has joined the bandwagon of binge-watch a particular series. While it can be entertaining, it is indeed damaging to the health, such as for neck and shoulders, in the longer run. 

    Then, of course, the stress levels, which transform themselves into these excruciating body pains. In this blog post, we are introducing you to two pain-relieving medical treatments, namely Myotherapy and Massage. Have your pick and thank us later!

    Myotherapy or Massage Therapy: What Works the Best

    Before we get into the discussion of Myotherapy vs. massage therapy not much is known to the people about it, nor are the people aware of the difference between the two therapies. Often, it is seen that people take both of them as the same, which isn't the case.  Both functions and reaps benefits a whole lot differently. However, both have emerged as the most sought after techniques to help get rid of that pain and fatigue. 

    What is a massage? 

    A massage could be used to deal with several conditions without any diagnoses or non-specific injuries. In simpler terms, one can have a massage in case they feel that element of soreness or tightness in the body. Speaking of this, it could be chronic pain or muscle tightness owing to posture. 
    Furthermore, a massage could be taken to relax, as well. It is highly therapeutic and reinvigorating. 

    A masseuse would work on both the superficial and deeper layers of the muscle in addition to the connective tissues to promote seamless function, release muscular tension, and help in relaxation of both the mind and body.

    In a massage, the therapist uses manipulative massage techniques. In simpler words, they make use of hands in addition to massage oils to apply pressure on to the body.  It involves gliding, stroking as well as kneading the soft tissues and pressure points to the degree that the individual ends up feeling all relaxed and fresh. It helps in the promotion of blood and lymph flow, which helps to flush out the toxins out of the body. A massage can prove to be an ideal getaway for individuals who spent their entire day in front of their computer desks. Especially we can go with the best rated massage chairs.

    A massage can be used to deal with or prevent a good range of physical and psychological disorders.To quote a few, insomnia, migraines, repetitive strain injury (RSI), and depression and anxiety. It also helps to combat frozen shoulder, whiplash injuries, diseases like Arthritis and Fibromyalgia and other sport-related injuries. 

    Massage, mainly, is a favorite amongst athletes as it helps significantly in flexibility and elasticity. Moreover, it is wrong to opt for a massage when you are in screaming pain. It is best to incorporate these massage as a prevention tool for avoiding or minimizing any occurrence or development of symptoms. Also, it is best for pregnant women when they require maximum relaxation. 

    What is Myotherapy? 

    The prefix ‘myo’ translates to muscle, hence the name myotherapy. In comparison to massage,  myotherapy includes a broader range of massage techniques. Its primary focus is trigger point therapy. However, it also incorporates other methods such as dry needling, musculoskeletal alignment in addition to deep tissue massage, cupping, muscle stretching, and a wide range of rehabilitative exercises.

    Let's explore some of its methods for a better understanding and decision. 

    Dry needling:

    In this technique, a needle is used to insert to a knot inside a muscle. It, as a result, triggers the points and helps in reduction or alleviation of pain and increase ROM. It is an alternative physical therapy to acupuncture. Dry needling is used extensively to address and treat neuro muscular conditions.

    Spinal mobilization:

    It is another popular technique which complements massages. A manual physical therapy, spinal mobilization involves gentle and oscillatory action similar to ballistic on the joints of the spine. This aids in improving the contact and movement between each of the otherwise, dead tissues and joints. It has two approaches, namely, a Maitland technique and a Mulligan technique. The outcome is very therapeutic!



    Cupping is a form of alternative medicine, or one can say a deep-tissue massage involving local suctions onto the skin via heat or suction gun. The cups used can be of glass, bamboo,earthenware, or even silicone.

    It then promotes the flow of blood on that specific area, which helps in the healing of the tissues. It loosens up the muscles and deals with high blood pressure by sedating the nervous system. It also relieves one from severe back and neck pain, rheumatism as well as cellulite. However, it is not an advisable treatment for someone with skin irritations or a high fever. You can check with massage chairs brisbane.


    Also known as cold therapy, it is the use of low temperatures for medicinal purposes. It can be employed to fight acute injuries or inflammation. It can be beneficial for swollen or bruised areas considering that it acts oppositely to what heat does. To put it precisely, it slows down the flow of blood to the spot of the injury. It, in turn, helps alleviate pain and preventing inflammation.

    A myotherapist has distinct qualifications which include a Bachelor of Health Science (‘Clinical Myotherapy’ or ‘Myotherapy’) or an ‘Advanced Diploma of Myotherapy. It is what sets them apart from regular massage therapy as these qualifications give a myotherapist an edge. They possess a better understanding and knowledge of the human body, anatomy, and of course, physiology as compared to a remedial massage therapist. 

    Not only this, but they have a more professional and holistic approach and incredibly consultative when they craft the treatment chart. The focus is to reach to the root cause, which is causing pain and discomfort and entirely eradicate it. 

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