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    Learn How To Maintain Your Spray Foam Equipment

    Any professional contractor needs to keep their spray foam equipment properly maintained before their next job. Regular maintenance protects the equipment and ensures that it works efficiently when you need it most. It is a good thing to invest in Graco spray foam equipment but these require appropriate maintenance to extend their useful life. This is very important especially after each use of when not planning to use it for some time. Read on to learn the best way to maintain your spray foam equipment.

    Learn How To Maintain Your Spray Foam Equipment

    Power supply and drive motors:

    The power supply is the heart of the foam insulation unit. Sprayers are powered by electricity, gasoline, or diesel. An electric motor needs regular inspection paying special attention to the bearings. These might require lubrication, drive couplings, and electrical connections. The power cords need regular inspection to check for damage before use. Cracks and exposed wires should be avoided to protect the operator from electrocution. 

    Units powered by diesel and gasoline need checking the oil levels before use and following the manufacturer’s recommended service interval and oil type. The air filters need an inspection for cleaning or replacement when clogged. Fuel additives are recommended to prevent fuel from soiling in storage and for easy starting in cold weather. These additives are added to the fuel container but not the fuel tank except when not planning to use the unit for a long period. Keep in mind that the maintenance intervals for a diesel or gasoline engine are determined according to operating hours. You can find insulation in the beach areas!

    Transfer pump:

    S proportioning pump maintains pressure and appropriately proportions chemicals for creating foam coating. The line between the pump and fluid tank has “Y” strainers that need inspection when using new material. The strainers limit large particles from going through the system and blocking or damaging the pump. Maintaining your best spray insulation machine requires regular checking and cleaning of the filters.

    The level of hydraulic oil lubricating the pump requires inspection before use. This should be changed periodically just like the oil in the engine. You can follow the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance interval. Avoid using petroleum-based lubricants in the pumps to avoid damaging the O-ring seals. Occasionally add a dab of lithium grease in the air inlet. 

    Material transfer system:

    This moves spray foam material from the storage tanks to the pump. The material transfer system has a desiccant filter for trapping moisture that might form crystals and damage the spray mechanism and pump. There is also a swift heating system for raising fluid temperature to an appropriate level. Heating the system to the ideal temperature is very important to stimulate the chemical reaction for foam formation. Lack of repair might lead to inappropriate foam formation. 

    The “Y” value is a proportioning device for mixing chemicals in ideal proportions required for correct solidification of foam. it also encourages foam adherence to surface undercoating. This valve requires regular cleaning  to remove debris that might inhibit proper seating. The storage tanks hold the material for use and need cleaning after use. However, don’t use abrasives or chemicals to limit damaging the system parts. 

    Delivery hoses:

    These require regular inspection to detect leaks or fraying. You might have to replace the hoses in case of such issues. Some systems might have hoses that heat the foam for the chemical reaction. Regular inspection and appropriate replacement are very important to ensure that the hoses are working efficiently to deliver and apply the foam appropriately. You check with an Insulation contractor!

    Spray gun and handle:

    The spray gun mixes and delivers two pressurized components in a precise ratio. This requires cleaning after use including the tips and filter screen as well. Coat the spray gun with silicone mold release compound to inhibit foam build up and sticking. For a gun with air purging that keeps internal parts clean when in use, leave the system on always to limit clogging. 

    Ending note:

    There is a growing need for spray foam insulation for its immense benefits. Apart from investing in quality Graco spray foam equipment, it is very important to keep them in good working condition all the time. This might require an inspection to detect any damage and appropriate replacement done before the next job comes. Regular maintenance of your equipment encourages offering quality services and makes your unit work much longer than expected. 

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