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    Learn How To Tell Your E-Liquid Content

    There is a growing popularity of people using electronic devices to derive pleasure from CBD replacing smoking tobacco. The practice is known as vaping and requires a heat source, e-juice, and atomizer. These produce an aromatic flavor you’ll enjoy puffing. Using a vaping device is simple but you have to understand the e-juice you’re using. This requires understanding the ingredients to make the juice. Read on to learn the content in your e-liquid. 

    It is very important to understand what the e-juice you use is made from. This eliminates guesswork when enjoying your vaping experience. E-liquid is not simply flavored water vapor. Understanding the truth about e-liquid content prevents making costly mistakes. You have to understand the content in the e-juice you use to ensure it is safe from substances like poisonous antifreeze. It is important to stick to e-liquid with food-grade chemicals and some little nicotine.

    Learn How To Tell Your E-Liquid Content

    How to tell the contents in e-liquid:

    Reputable companies don’t hide ingredients in their products. Additionally, it is mandatory that all ingredients are clearly listed on a product label. This allows knowing the chemical names of the ingredients in the e-liquid to eliminate any fear, confusion, and misunderstanding you might have been with. You have the freedom to research about the chemicals and other ingredient flavorings in the product. Check the label to decide whether you use e-liquid with nicotine and the percentage content. 

    Vegetable Glycerin (VG):

    Most CBD e liquid cheap  comes from vegetable glycerin. It is no wonder that VG might be about 80 percent of the total e-juice volume. The juice makes the e-cig produce huge plumes of aromatic vapor after pulling on them and exhaling. Vegetable glycerin is heated transforming it into steam when vaping. You have to pull in and blow out this steam produced by VG to get the relaxing and satisfying feeling you desired. 

    Propylene Glycol (PG):

    This is another popular material in e-liquid. Keep in mind that the ratio of VG to PG varies by CBD brand. E–juice made for older atomizers has more PG making it less viscous. Just like with VG, the PG in e-liquid comes in alcohol form. Propylene glycol is almost odorless with a sweet flavor. Apart from use in e-liquid, PG is used in medicine, food, and other products to keep them moist but not as a sweetener. 

    Vape juice flavoring:

    Since you’re reading this, it is obvious that you prefer e-juice  to smoking tobacco products. Luckily, apart from e-juice with PG or VG, there are various delicious tasting and nice smelling e-liquid flavors. These focus on smell and taste. Liquids for making e-juice lack a strong taste. Food-grade flavor additives give e-juice a delicious taste with a pleasing aromatic smell. The best brands use the best flavors on the market based on research and customer feedback. Oils in e-liquid are safe for inhaling but some flavoring isn’t to be inhaled. 


    Some e-juice comes with nicotine content in varying quantities. This might range from 0 to 1.8 percent of nicotine in e-liquid. This allows a gradual reduction on the amount of nicotine to use in your e-juice before you eventually get down to zero nicotine. Controlling nicotine content in e-juice allows managing nicotine cravings and supports the elimination of tobacco addiction. You get the pleasing nicotine throat hit while weaning yourself gradually off nicotine.

    Other random e-juice ingredient:

    If the above ingredients don’t work for you, some brands come with a range of other ingredients making them unique for people like you. These include:
    Other supplements

    You have to be mindful of the ingredient in your e-juice since some additional additives might degrade the quality of your vaping experience. However, you get the ultimate enjoyment of selecting e-liquid with the ingredients you want. Nothing can give a better vaping experience. 

    Bottom line:

    Vaping is a great way to enjoy the immense benefits of CBD oil. Apart from discrete indulging in using CBD, vaping is a wonderful way to stop smoking tobacco products. Getting the most from your vaping experience requires selecting e-juice to match your taste. This requires understanding the options for e-liquid content. Understanding this will make you in a better position to enhance your vaping experience while enjoying the tremendous benefits of CBD.

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