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    Top 2019 Home Trends You Need to Watch Out For

    All of us want a home that is cozy, accessible, and stylish. Also don’t forget the view of nature which makes the ambiance of your home even better, which you can acquire in those for sale condominiums in Batangas. Having fast-paced trends in almost all aspects, you might be having a hard time keeping up on what not and what to do to keep your style up to date. But no worries, because we’re listing it all down for you.

    Top 2019 Home Trends You Need to Watch Out For

    Less is More:

    Things that occupy too much space in your room is out because sustainability is more important. Stuff that is cluttered can make you or your guests uncomfortable. Before you put items in their places, ask yourself, ‘Will I be able to use this most of the time? Or I’m just putting it here just in case?’ If you think you won’t need those things anytime, might as well put it somewhere else-- a place where you put things you just use in case you really need them. As a result, the overall look of your home won’t be too overwhelming, but clean and minimalist. 

    Natural Elements:

    While plants bring out the natural beauty your home has, it is proven to be a form of a stress reliever as well. Plants help us to focus more on our daily tasks, and they might become part of your hobbies, too. Putting natural elements in your home can strengthen the relationship between humans and nature.  These days you can order live plants by mail sitting in the comfort of your home. The use of natural features is not only limited to plants or fresh flowers because you can decorate your house with dainty stones, granite rocks, and rattan furniture to emphasize details. 

    Accent Walls:

    Say goodbye to the usual plain-colored walls, because accent walls are in. It consists of statement designs and usually surrounded by plain-colored walls for emphasis. Although sometimes, it can be of a dull color as well, but still different from others. However, choosing the best accent wall for your home is kind of hard because it sets the mood, and people will put their attention to it, but it can also be a form of expression. You can design your desired accent wall that represents your hobbies, interests, values, beliefs-- as long as it serves you as a person. Make sure to utilize it wisely and creatively at engineered wood siding.

    Bold Walls:

    Bold color sets the mood and creates drama with grace. Setting up the whole room might be too much of a hassle because you will have to pick the colors to match with your bold walls carefully. You may or may not use accent colors when you paint your walls with bold colors, but using it will create balance and consistency. Nonetheless, to add more style, the hues of furniture must suit your bright walls to make it perfect. 

    Add Pink:

    Who told you pink is only for girls? You can never go wrong with pink. If you’re sticking to your all-white furniture, you might think of adding a kick to it, like the infamous Millennial Pink. Not too much, though! Because one or two pink-colored furniture will already add style and detail to your home, so don’t overdo it. 

    Wrapping Up:

    Our home is where we unwind after a long, stressful day at work. It’s essential to keep it cozy and comfortable without sacrificing style. Now that we’ve listed down the top home trends in 2019, you might think of giving your home a reboot! 

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