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    8 Ways Pearls Speak the Language of Your Style

    The custom of wearing pearls as pieces of jewelry began with the rich and wealthy. However, Kokichi Mikimoto, a Japanese entrepreneur who developed the method of culturing pearls,allowed these pearls to be available to all kinds of people around the world. Which thus, gave the fashion industry a golden chance to make use of the beads in booming the creativity in their line of work. 

    What’s interesting is the fact that despite pearls are used as jewelry pieces began many decades ago, the fashion trend regarding gems is still upholding its esteemed position up to our current modern era. Companies like pearls of Joy Revolutionized the Online Jewelry websites where the accessibility of pearl jewelry is made more comfortable as compared to how it used to be in the past.

    These pearls have been used to effectively portray different kinds of fashion trends that speak volumes about every individual’s sense of clothing style.

    8 Ways Pearls Speak the Language of Your Style

    1. Pearl Necklaces:

    An essential jewelry item that is collected in every women’s fashion get up arsenal, having a pearl necklace is an absolute necessity for every woman out there. 

    Wearing pearls are known to look appropriate in mostly every formal gathering, which goes to show that wearing them to occasions such as weddings, funerals or any other formal event is the right time to wear a pearl necklace with preferably, a black dress to complete the look.

    Pearl Necklaces

    They are simple yet elegant in their style, so in this way, you do not look over the top in your get up but instead produce an attractive appearance within a crowd. 

    2. Pearl Earrings:

    Another runner up in being one of the most exquisite pieces of pearl jewelry there is, pearl earrings are a match made in heaven with any fashion look you are carrying. 

    The reason for this is because pearls have versatile qualities. They are for all age groups to wear and look stunning without having to worry if whether it would look good on them or not. The soft hues of these aquatic spheres can complement a variety of skin colors and provide depth to one’s facial beauty. 

    You can also use ear drop pearl earrings or pearl stud earrings to both casual and formal occasion without looking out of place. You can wear a stud pearl earring daily for a modern appeal. Or wear the pearl drop earring for whenever you want to add an extra bit of dazzle to your casual appearance.  

    3. Pearl Ring:

    Many people are a fan of wearing pearls, but because the jewelry’s beauty rarely fails to attract a lot of attention from its viewers, some people struggle to find a balance between the two.

    Luckily, pearls are integrated with different jewelry pieces to serve their unique purposes. For the people who prefer a minimalistic appearance, a black pearl ring might be what they are searching.  A single black pearl engraved in a ring piece can seem dull and small, but the beauty it radiates is nothing to underestimate. 

    It accentuates the fingers silhouette, making it appear more elegant and enchanting.  Moreover, it has a modern appeal, which makes it ideal for wearing it daily.

    4. Pearl Pendant:

    A pearl pendant showcases a bit of a twist in your everyday essential necklace by focusing the viewers gaze more on the middle of the neckline. 

    Pearl pendants are worn to make a statement with your appeal, and because it has a lot of variety, you can feel free to choose any necklace you want for different kinds of clothing. 

    Since these pendants work excellently to highlight the beauty of your neckline, make sure you have picked the right necklace that matches well with your dress. If it doesn’t, you will look out of sorts and will attract a different kind of attention than the one you were initially seeking. 

    5. Pearl Choker:

    One of the most popularly rising fashion accessory growing is none other than a choker itself. And because it is so popular, using pearls to make it even better was an inevitable occurrence. 

    Pearls intertwined with the choker lace displays a unique appeal for that every day new kind of getup. You can wear them on casual clothes like T-shirts and jeans and go out on a walk at the beach with a couple of friends to hang out and have fun while rocking that aesthetic look. 

    6. Pearl Hair Accessories:

    Pearls have also been used to emphasize the beauty of hair by contrasting both aspects together to create an eye-catching appeal of the head. 

    Pearl barrette, hairpins, and mermaid crowns, all of which have different variety of pearls engraved within them, are some of the most popular hair accessories worn in both casual and formal occasions. 

    These hairpieces emit a delicate and gentle aura that makes a person wearing them look undeniably angelic and pure. You can even wear different kinds of hair accessories and have the same stunning appearance, with a hint of uniqueness on every other occasion.  

    7. Pearl Dresses:

    Pearls aren’t only limited to accessories. The fashion industry has gone further on to use beads within the very fabrics of the dress itself. 

    Backless dresses with pearls at the edge give off the feeling of royalty and elegance. Fancy shirtsleeves lined with beads portray a statement dress with a unique look. Pearls stitched everywhere into sweaters has a mixed appeal. The mild pull of the shirt intertwined with pearls for that stylish, quirky look that a lot of people find unique and highly attractive. 

    8. Pearl Bracelets:

    Bracelets are pretty good in defining a certain sense of style- but with a little mix of pearls added to the piece, a new perspective is drawn out from its appearance.

    Pearl bracelets are also ideal for people with a minimalistic approach. A single pearl on a bracelet is much better as too many pearls in one bracelet is overbearing and distracting for both you and other people. Keep it simple for that elegant and modern effect which makes it perfect for wearing them to work or any place you wish to wear.  

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