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    How to Choose an Emerald? - GetNameNecklace

    Today we will simply talk about emeralds. Emeralds are produced in many places like Colombia, Brazil, Zambia, Russia, India, Zimbabwe, Madagascar, etc., but the gem-quality emeralds currently on the market are mainly from Colombia, Zambia and Brazil. Among the three producing areas, Colombia is recognized as the highest quality emerald producing area in the world. Among them, the Muzo area’s “Muzo” is synonymous with the top color of emerald in the jewelry market because of the emerald color that often appears in the top color.

    How to Choose an Emerald? GetNameNecklace

    Compared to Colombia, which has a long history of emeralds, Zambia can be said to be a up-star in the emerald production area, and today it can be regarded as the second largest producer of quality emeralds in the world. As an emerald producer, Brazil is not as good as Colombia and Zambia, but it still produces high quality emeralds. Although the emerald's origin affects the price to a certain extent, butthe final quality evaluation has to go back to the quality of the emerald itself.

    Among the factors that affect the value of emeralds, color is its core criterion. The color of the "top emerald" is a comprehensive performance, not just a simple color. The color of the high-quality emerald is a little blue or no other color.High color saturation with bright green, and this requires uniform color distribution, no visible color bands, and high transparency. Therefore, yellowish color, too much blue color, low color saturation, low color brightness, uneven color distribution, visible color bands, and low transparency will reduce the value of emerald personalized name bracelets.

    .When an emerald reaches the top color described above, some appraisal agencies will describe it as "Muzo color". For example, GRS, a Swiss agency that certifies Vivid Green emeralds, notes them as "Muzo Green". Emeralds that reach the Muzocolor are usually expensive. 

    In addition to color, clarity is also one of the factors that have a greater impact on emerald value, usually the cleaner the emerald, the higher the price. Emeralds often contain macroscopic inclusions, and even the top emeralds on the auction stage contain macroscopic inclusions. So, when you come across a whole clean, innocent emerald, it's not that you are lucky, and mostly you've come across a synthetic emerald. Jewelry enthusiasts suggest: For the same size, the price of an emerald depends largely on its color. When choosing an emerald mother's rings, the first thing to consider is its color. If you pursue excessive clarity, it will only miss the high quality emerald. 

    Emerald's “micro-shaping”. Like many gemstones, emeralds have their own optimizations. Commonly, there are oil immersion optimization, filling, dyeing and laminating. Filling,dyeing and laminating belong to the category of treatment and are difficult for many consumers to accept. So we mainly talk about emerald "micro-shaping": oil-immersed optimization. The top emeralds without any cracks are very rare, and even the famous emerald diamond crowns made by big brand jewel, which belonged to the German princess, contain a lot of healing cracks. 

    So people have studied the emerald oil immersion optimization to improve its clarity. Infused into the emerald is usually an oil that is similar in refractive index to the emerald. Because the refractive indices of the two are similar, the extent to which light changes direction as it passes is minimized, which masks these cracks to the maximum extent visually. In addition to improving transparency, emeralds are more brittle and easily damaged during processing. 

    The oil immersion can protect the emeralds with more cracks and prevent fragmentation. However, it is worth noting that the oil is also divided into colorless oil and colored oil. Injecting emeralds with oil? Injecting colored oil is actually dyeing the emerald, which not only changes the true color of the emerald but also leaves a pigment mark, which has serious consequences. 

    When the identification agencies encounter such a situation, they will clearly indicate that the emerald has been dyed. The colorless oil only covers the cracks inside the gemstone to enhance the transparency. It has no effect on the nature of the emerald itself. It is considered an acceptable optimization in the field of identification. Emerald-infused colorless oil is not required to be noted on the certificate in our national standards. Pls find the best things to purchase at GetNameNecklace, We have mentioned that site for your reference for couples jewelry

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