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    Simple Ideas to Make Small Spaces Look Bigger

    Staircase designs for small homes? Small spaces can make any home dweller feel discouraged. No one likes feeling confined, but our budget does not always let us have the best of everything. This isn’t something a good design plan can’t fix especially if you take care of the design of your staircase, which takes up a lot of the room in your house.

    Simple tweaks like a glass railing on the staircase will make your home look not only spacious but also make a happy, comfortable, and safe space for you to live in.

    Are you looking for the best staircase design for small space? Staircase design for small spaces? Clever stairs for small spaces? We have compiled the 9 best staircase designs for you to choose for your home and make it a happier place.

    Simple Ideas to Make Small Spaces Look Bigger

    Simple Staircase Design Ideas to Make Small Spaces Look Bigger

    1.  Ladder Stairs:

    Ladder stairs tend to be a little on the steep side, but as long as you don’t need to use them too frequently, this is the best choice to make your small space bigger. As the stairs don’t need to take be in direct contact with the floor or take up too much space in the air, it is quite compact.

    If you do need to use the stairs frequently, you can ask your designer to attach one side of the stairs to a wall. While the stairs themselves should be made of wood, as the raw material required to construct it is less, glass railing with tempered glass will give a transparent effect to the room, giving an impression of an even larger space. 

    2.  Ribbon Staircase Design:

    Ribbon Staircases have a design that has an even more vertical inclination than a ladder staircase, yet the steps themselves are quite wide and easy to tread on. You can change the inclination of the stairs depending on how much space you have left. To give a more modernistic effect, the steps can be built of strong tempered glass.

    It makes it look like the stairs are floating in space. You can even skip having a railing with the ribbon staircase design, or opt for glass railings to complete the fairy tale look. 

    3.  Mezzanine Staircase Design:

    Those living in a one-bedroom flat or a space that’s just simply too small will profit a lot from the Mezzanine Staircase design. Just like its classy name, these staircases are used to shift the bedroom to an elevated level, even though technically all of it is on the first floor. The stairs are little blocks of steps that go in a zigzag manner within the small space and are easy to set up for any designer. 

    4.  Steel Staircase Design:

    You can get a professional stairs design for small spaces. Steel staircases have become quite the craze these days. They come in various sizes, and you can use extremely compact ones with a colorful aesthetic that will brighten up your living room. Steel staircase comes in either a spiral or semi-spiral design. 

    5.  Curved Staircase Design:

    As the name suggests, this staircase has a curved design that takes up very little space on the floor before curving up to meet the upper floor. There are a variety of options for curved staircases with materials like wood, glass, and steel. A combination of glass railing made of tempered glass and the wide-open steps made of wood makes it quite attractive. 

    6.  Stair Design with Storage Space:

    Stair designs for small areas? This is the perfect design for bibliophiles. Each step on the staircase matches up with the outer opening on each side of the staircase wall, with books lined up in between the storage space. You will finally have a space for your beloved books, and a staircase that will help you save all the space you need.

    7.  Sideways Stair with Open Shelves:

    These days, people have to compromise on their dream homes to live in a space that is as small as 300 sq. ft. In such cases, just finding the space to keep all of your necessities can be a tough job. Designers have come with a way to walk around it, creating a link between the bathroom and bedroom in a close-up environment. 

    All of it is thanks to a certain kind of staircase design. Sideways-style stairs come with open shelves. The stairs can be used as a storage space, with closet space under the stairs. This is a clever way to use the staircase, while you leave the bathroom and glass cabinets relatively clutter-free.

    8.  Compact Staircase Design:

    Maybe you do not want your staircase to be too small, but you do need all the extra space you can get. Well, the compact staircase design is your best option here. The stair itself will take up some space but you will also be provided with a space for storage with the staircase. All you have to do is open the steps and deposit your clothes and utilities under them. 

    9.  Metal Rod Staircase:

    Metal rod staircases are for when the place you have to access is a short distance in height. These metal rod stairs tend to look simple and minimalistic, ironically giving the house even more of a modern look. They are also way more affordable than other staircase styles, and the installation time is much less and a lot easier. The stairs can be customized according to the height and inclination that you think suits the room the most.

    So, if you have space constraints or a difficult layout, try out one of these staircase designs that are eye-catching and practical at the same time.

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