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    Why VR Can Still Be Useful in Driving Digital Transformation

    In today’s time, almost everyone has gone paperless and tech savvy. Augmented and virtual realities are all over constantly growing digital companies. To help better understand these terms, let’s break it down into segments:

    Why VR Can Still Be Useful in Driving Digital Transformation

    Digital Transformation:

    Before diving in and understanding how VR can still be useful in driving digital transformation, you have to be able to understand what digital transformation is. 

    Digital transformation or DX is a new type of strategy in technology to help solve problems and develop these into a variety of innovations. DX makes businesses’ works easier because of its dependence solely on technology and not paper, which helps companies to grow and develop digital-wise. Most companies nowadays grab the chance in gaining competitive advantage in the market, and their best option is none other than a digital transformation.

    Augmented Reality:

    Augmented reality is a type of technology that often uses the camera from a smartphone to add bits and pieces of digital elements into a live screen. This only means that AR does not fully shut out the reality of the physical world but rather only adds a tinge of digital into it. A few examples of AR include Pokemon Go and Instagram story filters and lenses.

    Virtual Reality:

    On the other hand, virtual reality is a type of technology that absorbs a new experience. It’s way more than just adding a touch of digital into a live screen. Using a VR means completely immersing into a three-dimensional reality which looks almost exactly like the real, physical world. Not only that, but you also get to do interaction within the grounds of VR.

    Incorporating Virtual Reality Into Digital Transformation:

    There are a lot of advantages when using virtual reality in driving digital transformation. VRs are usually used for training simulations and product designs. For example, in the medical industry, doctors are encouraged to use VR when they want to practice doing surgeries. Also in buying properties in a real estate, clients are encouraged to use VR to experience the “realities” of their house before it’s even built for them.

    Through this, digital transformation is progressing. Life is more comfortable because of the VR’s efficiency. Instead of going for notes and papers, there is a VR that has you covered. For example, in engineering, what better way can you familiarize yourself with the processes and types of equipment than to experience it firsthand without leaving the comforts of your home or your office. All you need is a VR device, and you’re good to go.

    As for an office setup, VR helps companies and clients to come together and discuss business-related issues as if they are all in one place. Not only that but when you are requested to present a report, virtual reality could also help make things easier for you by just one swipe or click. In today’s time, everyone wants something in one snap, and VR makes it so easy to achieve. It also helps people interact and “meet up” within the comfort of their homes without the hassle of actually going to a particular place. This is only one of the many things that virtual realities could do and help in the working environment.

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