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    8 Things to Help You Slay Your Bridal Gown

    Choosing your wedding gown can be overwhelming. Every bride’s dress sets the tone of a wedding on her big day. It reflects your style and personality. Finding your dress seem stressful for sure. It is a time-consuming process. No matter what your timeline, personal style, or budget; these wedding gown shopping tips will help you find the dress of your dreams.

    8 Things to Help You Slay Your Bridal Gown

    1.   Do Research:

    Research is essential to get a perfect gown. Browse Pinterest and wedding magazines to get a narrow idea of your dress. Cut out and save images that appeal to you.  Without your homework, selection of your apparel will be difficult and time-consuming.

    2.   Make Appointments:

    After your research, make an appointment to try on dresses at multiple stores. Bring your saved images with you and tell them the styles of gowns you are interested in. It also helps you find which stores and designers carry the same design as you desire. You can also check out their websites and make a note of the dresses you like. 

    3.   Set Your Budget:

    Before your appointment figure out who is paying for your dress?  Groom, your family or you. Decide your budget before selecting your wedding dress and also tell it to your designer. Don’t try on dresses that fall out of your budget. Otherwise, it may end in disappointment.

    4.   Wedding Theme:

    The theme of wedding matters. Sometimes brides overlook the setting of their wedding ceremony. If you are having a day time ceremony on the beach, choose ball gowns with dramatic embellishment and long trains or candlelit cathedral. Avoid short dresses or anything that looks like party wear. 

    Before you start your gown shopping, decide whether you want a casual wedding theme, a formal or a romantic affair. Keep the venue in mind as you browse gowns. 

    5.   Choose the Right Color:

    Choose the right white color for your skin. But white is not the only option. You can go for other colors like pink, mint green, blue and camo. Before choosing a color for your dress confirm whether this color suits you or not.  

    6.   Choose the Bridal Shop:

    When you find a variety of shops, you may find yourself confused with the different options available. Now, bridal shops know how brides to be are busy during their wedding planning with thousands of things. They help their customer brides in selecting the right dresses. You can buy your wedding gown in every range, fabric, and style here. 

    7.   Bring Someone with You:

    Bring your two friends with you who have good taste. While too many opinions may complicate things, the bride will feel a lot more confident with her friends around. Although it’ll be full of excitement to buy wedding gown with friends be prepared for a little mess too.  

    8.   Appointment Should Not Be Too Late:

    Many gowns take six to seven months in its sewing. Once you get it, you still require more time for accessorizing and alteration.  So start shopping for your gown earlier than other accessories.  

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