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    Top 5 Tips To Maximize Your Personal Injury Claim - Contact: Jeffrey Preszler

    If you have been in an accident and decided to file a personal injury claim, you need to take every possible step to increase your compensation. An important part of making a full recovery is to ensure that you receive adequate compensation. There are certain things you need to do in order to make the most of the claim. When you have an understanding of the different aspects of the case, you will be in better control and will be able to get the maximum amount possible. Here are a few tips to help you maximize the compensation in case of a personal injury.

    Top 5 Tips To Maximize Your Personal Injury Claim

    1.  Record and report:

    Your case will be decided based on the evidence you have. The other party will also decide whether they should offer you a fair settlement based on the strength of the evidence and the case. Hence, if you can preserve evidence, you will have a better chance of winning the case. You need to take as many photos at the scene of accident and also take pictures of injuries if you can. 

    You should collect the names and the contact details of all the witnesses. Incase of a police report, you need to get a copy at the earliest possible. Jeffrey Preszler from Preszler Law of Ottowa explains that the proportioning of fault is somewhat arbitrary, and jurors will determine fault based on the strength of each party's performance in court. Hence, if you have adequate evidence, you will be in a better position in the court of law. 

    2.  Visit a doctor:

    If you want to win a personal injury case, you will have to get a complete picture of your damages and this includes the injuries as well. You need to seek immediate medical attention and ask health professionals and doctors to document the injuries so as to form a treatment plan. It will encourage the other party to give you a better offer for settlement. Even if you are unsure about the extent of injuries, it is advisable to get medical treatment. 

    3.  Cooperate with the solicitor:

    When you hire a lawyer for the case, you will have to respect their requests and answer queries from them time and again. A client is not asked to do much through the process of the claim but you will have to sign and return the instructions so that the lawyer can represent you in the court of law. He will not begin working on the case until they receive the documents duly signed by you. 

    Ask the solicitor if you do not understand something and seek their advice. You need to have the peace of mind and confidence to pursue a claim and with the right lawyer by your side, you will be able to do the same. The lawyer may call you or write to you if they need clarification about something and you need to cooperate with them at all times. For more queries, please visit this site: https://itsaboutjustice.law/slip-and-fall-liability-attorney/

    4.  Speak up:

    You should never suffer in silence. It is important to speak up about the accident and about the injuries. You need to report any developments that are related to your activities and should be identified by the solicitor and your doctor. Whenever you visit the doctor, you need to take notes of the problems in the form of your medical records. This will ensure that the problem is not minor and will keep the case going strong. Allow your lawyer to view the medical records and to use this evidence to the third party in the court of law. If you do not tell your doctor about it, they will never know. You might have to seek massage treatments or physiotherapy and you need to inform about it to the lawyer. Record complete details and always provide them to the solicitor. 

    5.  List the cost, losses and the expenses:

    The amount of money you receive in the form of settlement will depend on the severity of the injury, the impact it has had on your day to day life and the costs you incur. You might be tempted to exaggerate the severity of the injury but it is not advisable for you to do so. It is important that you provide all the information correctly and be honest to the lawyer about the same. Apart from the injuries, there will be other costs you have to bear as a result of the accident. 

    Whether it is a large loss or a small loss, you need to keep a record of the same and present it to the lawyer phillips law offices. Major losses like the loss of wages will be a part of the claim but you also need to include all the minor expenses or losses you might have incurred. You need to keep a file listing all the expenses you might have incurred and keep the receipts in them as well. When you make a list, you can help the lawyer help you with the claim and he will be able to maximize the compensation you receive. 

    Hiring a lawyer is an important part of the personal injury claim. The lawyer will be your go to person and he will communicate with the jury. He will try to get you maximum compensation and will help you win the case in the best possible manner. You need to carefully choose a lawyer who is a thorough professional and who has an experience.

    You will have to be extremely honest with the lawyer and tell him all the details about the accident. Try to collect as much evidence as you can and keep in mind that you will only be able to win a case based on the evidence you have. Do not think that a particular injury is minor or the amount of claim settlement is minimal, you can increase your chances to win maximum settlement if you know how to go about the case and if you have an experienced professional by your side. 

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