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    How to Organize an Unforgettable All-Girls Trip Abroad

    Travelling is the best opportunity to bond with your closest and dearest girlfriends or sisters. Together, you can explore unchartered cities, taste exotic dishes, take tons of snaps, and shop for the most peculiar souvenirs.

    Travelling is a great way to relax and unwind, most especially if you will go on a trip with your most trusted girlfriends. 

    For a few days, you and your gals can forget about your day jobs and just focus on the beautiful and picturesque sceneries in your chosen travel destination.

    As you read on, you’ll learn how to organize a hassle-free and unforgettable all-girls trip abroad. We’ve created a step by step guide that includes travel destination ideas, itinerary examples and fun activities you should do while in a foreign country.  

    How to Organize an Unforgettable All-Girls Trip Abroad

    How to Organize an Unforgettable All-Girls Trip Abroad

    1.  First things first, know who’s going:

     How many of your best girlfriends can join you? Do you only plan to bring along a small circle of friends for your 20-something birthday? Are you planning on inviting more than seven people to celebrate a bachelorette party?

    Knowing who you will invite and how many will actually turn up for the trip is the most crucial step. Once you have the final list of your travel companions, you can easily pick a flight schedule, think about the budget, list possible things to do and book your accommodations.

    After getting your gals’ confirmation, you can finalize your trip schedule. Talk to them and find out if they’re available to hang out with you for more than three days.

    First things first, know who’s going

    2.  Discuss your target destination:

    Now that you have the final headcount, your next priority is to select your travel destination. Is there a specific country that you’d like to explore?  

    Is there a country you want to go back to because of the friendly locals, sumptuous culinary treasures, and interesting history and culture? 

    Perhaps you want to check out the upcoming festival announced on Instagram or Facebook.

    Whatever destination you choose, you have to consider your safety. We recommend reading the local news to get a feel of the latest political climate in the country. Make a mental note of all the places you shouldn’t go to like territorial boundaries, public demonstration hotspots, crime-ridden areas, and ghettos. 

    You should also consider reading about the country’s culture and tradition. Consider the outfits and body languages that are considered offensive or taboo to avoid upsetting the local inhabitants. Get e visa for Kosovo!

    3.  Create an Itinerary:

    Because you now have a target destination in mind, the next logical step is to plan what sort of activities you will do once you arrive.  

    If you choose to visit London, you should definitely go bar hopping. You can check out all the bars and pubs with a super entertaining dwarf for hire. He can surely take you to the hippest hangout places in London.

    For gals who want to get beautiful sun-kissed skin, you should fly to Southeast Asian countries like Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines. There are also plenty of gorgeous beaches in other parts of Asia. Here are some of the best Asian beach destinations:

    Jeju Island, South Korea
    Palawan, Philippines
    Akajima, Japan
    Bali, Indonesia
    Phuket, Thailand

    If you’re hungry for adrenalin-pumping nature trips, we recommend flying to any of the South American countries. You can enjoy biking in the death-defying route of North Yungas road in Bolivia or explore the mystical Patagonian region of Argentina. 

    You should take spanish language lessons though so you can communicate with the local guides and fully immerse in the interesting and rich culture of South America. 

    4.  Time to plan your travel budget:

    A lot of people struggle to set their travel budget. To help you set a maximum limit on your travel expenses, we suggest estimating the overall cost of the trip before your scheduled flight.

    Consider all the expenses involved such as the fare, hotel bookings, food, miscellaneous, and souvenirs.

    To save money, you should book the travel packages in advance. You can also try looking for more affordable accommodations. For example, instead of staying in several rooms in a five-star hotel, perhaps you can try booking a cottage or a villa. It’s cheaper and it lets you stay with all the girls in one private place. 

    5.  Don’t forget to update everyone:

    Once every detail of the trip is finalized, you should send updates to everyone included in the guest list. They should know where to meet up in case you don’t book the same flight. You should also keep them in the loop about travel requirements, banned items and other pertinent concerns.

    If you’re visiting a country that doesn’t speak your language, bring a phrase book or jot down a few local phrases in your travel journal. 

    Everyone should also have a business card of the hotel, hostel or other types of accommodation you choose to stay in. This way, in case someone gets lost, they can find their way back to the accommodation. For your reference that visit link.

    6.  Travelling is definitely fun when you’re with the ones you love:

    Travelling is definitely fun when you’re with the ones you love

    Every woman deserves to spend quality time with her best girlfriends. It doesn’t matter if you want to fly to a foreign country to celebrate a new decade, reminisce the old times, bid farewell to single-hood, or commemorate a new chapter in your life. 

    Go and travel the world with the best and closest women in your life. Use the guide above to organize a trip abroad that your squad will remember for a lifetime.

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