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    5 Tips for Planning a Successful Business Trip to Dubai

    Since Dubai is one of the top-ranked business hubs in the world today, many entrepreneurs and executives will find themselves visiting this city for various reasons: to conduct a feasibility study, formally open a branch or new business, attend meetings, exhibits or conferences, etc.

    Whatever your purpose is for going on a business trip to Dubai and whether it’s your first time visiting the city or not, you need to complete all the goals you have for this trip. You should also have some time to do the things you want to do as well.

    You can do all these by following the tips below for planning a business trip to the city of Dubai:

    5 Tips for Planning a Successful Business Trip to Dubai

    1. Create an itinerary:

    You will set out to do everything you need and want to do in Dubai if you prepare a detailed itinerary before your flight.

    Since you are going to the city on an official capacity or for corporate trip, prioritize placing all business or work-related activities on your itinerary.Try to fit two or three activities in one day. 

    For instance, you can visit the Dubai office or store and have a meeting with the staff in the morning. In case you will be conducting product training, you can do this in the afternoon. If you want to get to know the employees or some of the local executives on a more personal level, you can take them out for a company dinner at night. 

    If your trip allows you to stay for one or two extra days in Dubai, use them to explore the city. You can also use these additional days to get some rest if you have a hectic schedule.

    In case you need to fly back home immediately after your trip, try to squeeze in the things you want to do during your free time. For example, if you want to know more about Dubai’s cultural heritage, if you’re staying in a hotel in Bur Dubai, you can visit the Heritage Village and Marsa Al Seef.

    There is no reason for you to neglect making an itinerary since you can create one using your smartphone. There are dozens of travel apps that can help you efficiently iron out your schedule so that you can maximize your stay in Dubai.

    2. Schedule meetings according to Middle Eastern norms:

    The working week in the UAE and most of the Middle East runs from Sunday to Thursday. If you request for a meeting on a Friday or Saturday, no one will want to attend.

    Additionally, the period from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm is generally considered to be the business hours in Dubai. As such, schedule your meetings during these times. However, it is best to schedule them before 2:00 pm since it is always better to finish such tasks to avoid the afternoon slump and traffic.

    It is also worth noting that many business meetings here tend to start a bit late. Don’t be annoyed by this. This is because some locals consider business meetings as casual and are even generally continued in a restaurant or cafĂ©.

    3. Pack adequate business wear options:

    Business and corporate events call for business attire so make sure you pack plenty of these in your luggage.

    For male travelers, a button-down shirt (with or without) a tie and lightweight pants are acceptable. For evening business dinners, lounge suits are preferred over jackets.

    Women travelers are encouraged to avoid low necklines and short skirts. Extremely tight-fitting clothes are frowned upon as well.

    Make sure you choose clothes that are made of light and cool fabrics so that you will be comfortable whenever you are outdoors.

    You can also pack some casual clothes which you can use for exploring the city. Don’t forget to add one or two for swimming so that you’ll be prepared for when you want to take a dip in the hotel pool or visit a nearby beach.

    4. Know about local etiquette:

    Although business meetings are sometimes not so formal, it doesn’t mean you can be impolite or be too laid-back during these affairs.

    To give out the right impression when meeting your host or other people of importance, shake their hands. However, wait until a hand is offered.

    If you are a man meeting an Emirati woman, place your right hand over your heart. This is the acceptable form of greeting between locals of the opposite sex.

    Exchanging business cards after the initial greetings is also part of the business protocol in Dubai. Because of this, make sure you have plenty of good quality cards to hand out.

    Always address your host as Mr., Mrs., or Miss followed by the first or last name unless they tell you to call them only by their first name.

    5. Choose the right accommodation:

    Lastly, even if you have don’t have a lot of time to spare for recreation and to explore Dubai, you will still enjoy every minute of your stay here if you choose the right hotel.

    Start by selecting a hotel that is strategically located. Make sure it is near several of the city’s popular tourist attractions so that you can visit these places at your leisure.

    Make sure you choose a hotel that has the facilities and services you need. Aside from the usual amenities such as an in-house pool, restaurants, and cafes, pick one that has a spa so that you can relax after an exhausting long day. 

    You will also do well to select a hotel with a business center and several conference or meeting rooms so that you can book one quickly in case you need one.

    If you want to make the most of your business trip to Dubai, follow the tips above. And remember to be flexible and open-minded so that you can get more out of your stay here.

    Author bio: Habib Khan who is a seasoned Hotelier, At present the CEO of Planet Hospitality & General Manager of Arabian Courtyard Hotel and Spa. Especially Khan has more than 30 years of diversified international experience in the hospitality industry. Also He is an expert in transforming, developing & managing hotels, with a potentiality to analyze and solve the problems in a challenging work environment.

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