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    Top 11 Makeover Tips to Make Your Home Sparkle This Spring

    If you are dreaming about changing the look of your home and refreshing it? However, you are still having second thoughts when you start thinking of all those salty prices in the furniture shops? You can stop here and read the following: It is possible to enter a completely new life in your house without breaking the bank.

    As long as homeowners are concerned they’ll do anything to improve the looks of their house because Washington Brown has shown us that if a home is allowed to fade and deteriorate, the worth reduces.

    As most of us would agree, the finest season of all is closing by. Elements that smell like spring can be used in all rooms, from the hall, through the bedroom and living room, to the kitchen and the bathroom. Here are 11 best makeover tips that will add a true sparkle to your home the following season:

    Makeover Tips to Make Your Home Sparkle This Spring

    Top 11 Makeover Tips to Make Your Home Sparkle This Spring

    1.  Add plants:

    One of the easiest and quickest ways to refresh your living space is with the help of plants. Believe it or not, adding even only one plant in a pot will make a big change. Keep in mind that most popular home plants will flourish best in bright spots. Position them next to the window and watch them grow. If you have troubles keeping your plants alive, consider one of these 12 tricks on keeping your plants alive, so you can enjoy the refreshment they bring in your home. 

    2.  Flowers, flowers, flowers:

    Whether they are on wallpapers, pillows, curtains or carpets, flowers are welcome everywhere. Framing up some photos of different flowers on a wall will give you a great retro look. Still, be careful not to overdo it. 

    3.  Organize images on the wall:

    Instead of spending a fortune on buying new artwork that would fill the void on the wall, take pictures and photos you already have. You can combine them in a new way, change the frame or the layout and enjoy a little bit of refreshment in your home.

    4.  Let the light enter the house:

    Light can totally shift the mood and positively affect the human body. Remove heavy curtains and replace them with transparent ones. Or consider completely removing them. The bright colors of the walls, white linens and little decorations around the house can help illuminate the space.

    5.  Refurbish old furniture:

    Discover the best hardie board siding. One of the cheapest ways to change the look of a room is to change the color of the existing furniture. Choose vivid and cheerful colors to bring extra energy and make home a home. 

    6.  Change the furniture layout:

    To completely change the perspective of a room, try changing the furniture layout. For example, turn the sofa in the other direction and everything will look different. Considering Feng Shui is a great idea. You don’t have to buy a meditation cube like the one the famous Chinese Liu Ming uses as part of his practice of Tibetan Buddhism. However, using tricks from Feng Shui books can help you change the atmosphere in your home in a fresh and innovative way. 

    7.  Throw out everything you do not need:

    The easiest way for your house to look as tidy as possible is to throw out all the unnecessary things. Start by dedicating at least 5 minutes each day at this task and slowly, you will find yourself throwing out papers and things that are totally useless.

    Throw out everything you do not need

    8.  Consider changing the linens:

    You can refresh the sofas with new and fresh bed linens. Even if your furniture doesn’t require blankets, they will brighten up your room instantly especially if you are using clear colors, printed letters or some modern design. Strong colors can improve your home security by the influence on the mood, while some pastel colors can chill you out and bring you closer to the peaceful mindset you were longing for during the winter.

    9.  Organize your desks:

    Every desktop has the power to make the entire room look neat or completely chaotic. Organize them with shelves, boxes, drawers, etc. Find a special place for your bills and documents. This way you’ll always know where to find them. 

    10.  Give your shelves a little color:

    Another thing that will immediately refresh your home are color books. You can re-paint them or cover them with wallpaper in the desired color. In fact, it's a good idea to use rainbow colors. 

    11. Always have a basket of fresh fruit on the table:

    Fruit is not only healthy for your family, but it also looks great because of its freshness and color. Keep in mind that children, as well as most of us - will take what is easily accessible to them. Fruits sound like a healthy choice, right? 

    Believe it or not, all these fast and relatively cheap ideas can give your home a whole new look. 

    After all, we all need some change from time to time, and spring is the perfect time to make some fresh changes that will bring nothing but positive vibes.
    Good luck!

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