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    Top 7 Steps To Start an Android App Development

    This is a world where life is less emotional and more transactional. Especially, the digital world is becoming highly agile and fragmented. You cannot just have a website and expect your business to grow. In fact, you should have a broader approach because the digital ecosystem is highly fragmented.  Apart from social media profile and websites, you have to have a mobile app too.

    Here are the most 7 important things that you should consider before you set out to develop an app.

    Top 7 Steps To Start an Android App Development

    1.    Find the platform:

    For instance, you should choose the Android platform if your customers use android devices rather than iOS. Undoubtedly, you have to hire Android App Development Company in India that can do the job for you. 

    Make sure that you sit with your marketing team and go through the market research reports and find out more about your customers’ digital behavior.

    2.    Craft a plan:

    You have to craft a plan before you hire android developer. For instance, you need to find out how you want your app to be, what kind of functionalities it should have. You must not create an app just because it is a buzzword. In fact, it should bring value to you. 

    If you are a restaurant, then you must create an app that facilitates food ordering. Similarly, if you are a media house, then you should create an app that empowers you to send push messages and headlines. In brief, you have to look at your business objectives and plan accordingly.

    3.    Features:

    While considering features, you should and must look at your users’ digital behaviorism. For example, if your users are not tech-savvy, then you should not try to confuse them with complex features. In fact, you should keep it simple so that everyone can use it. Undoubtedly, people are looking for clear and seamless brand communication and it does not make sense to create an app just to confuse people. Doing so would mean wasting valuable resources. 

    4.    Brand essence: 

    Since your brand identity and equity are the key driving factors, you must create an app that tells the intellectual meaning of your brand clearly. Make certain that you consider the look of the logo, color scheme and design aesthetics carefully. 

    The app must act as a mnemonic. The study suggests that people spend more than 40 minutes every day browsing through different apps. If you can create an app that is attractive, then you are in a better position to attract people. 

    5.    Find the right people:

    You need people to succeed in the world. That means you have to find the right native android app development service provider that can help you in creating a perfect app. Ensure that you look at their track record. They must have experience in creating apps.

    If possible ask them to show their previous work, will help you in understanding their level of expertise. 

    In addition, you should ask them to give you a product strategy. The development company should have a structured workflow. They must have a project coordinator who will communicate with you. A project manager to supervise and a testing team to test the efficacy of the app.

    The team should be cooperative because sometimes initial ideas become way too difficult to achieve. For example, your idea of certain UI/UX design might not just work as the development process progresses and at that juncture, you can modify your ideas to achieve perfection.

    6.    App store deployment and app optimization:

    Creating an app is not enough, you also have to deploy in Google play, without deployment, your app will be of no use. Hence, you must extensively speak about the app store deployment process. Apart from the app store deployment, you must also consider having an app optimization campaign because you need your app to be discoverable. In addition, you should promote your app on your social media sites too.

    7.    Cost:

    The cost of the project is the final and vital step that you should consider. Make certain that you speak with the service provider and find out how they base their price. Some service providers want to work on a project basis while others love to work on an hourly basis. You should find the one that suits you the best. It is advisable to ask for the cost before giving them your budget because some companies would just give you a plan according to your budget. And that is not right way of negotiation.

    The above-mentioned factors are the most important factors that you should consider before hiring android app development India. With the help of those tips, you can get the best app and leverage your business to gain a competitive advantage on the cluttered digital platform.

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