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    What Do You Know About Liposuction Surgery?

    Liposuction Surgery in India is widely accepted cosmetic procedure for the removal of stubborn fat and to get the desired shape of the body. It is the surgical procedure in which the excess of skin and fat is removed which is not possible to remove through diet or exercise.

    This procedure can be performed the excess fat from the hips, thighs, belly, buttocks, back, arms or even from the face. Even this procedure can be combined with other plastic surgeries like breast reduction, tummy tucks, or facelifts.

    What Do You Know About Liposuction Surgery?


    Liposuction is the minimally invasive procedure and is suitable for all but there are some measures that make the candidates ideal for this procedure.

    Like other surgeries for this procedure also patient must have good health and realistic expectations.

    You must be within 30 percentage of your ideal weight itself.

    Firm and elastic skin is more suitable for performing liposuction.

    Smoking should not be a habit of the candidate.

    If you are having issues with your blood circulations, heart disease, diabetes, and a weak immune system then also this treatment is not suitable.

    Preparations Before Liposuction Surgery:

    Before the liposuction surgery, it is important to consult with the doctor and to open up with your issues and goals so that you could know about the best suitable options for you and even know the associated risks and predicted results of that option. 

    Clear all your doubts you are having in your mind about liposuction so that doctor can give you the proper instructions to follow before the surgery after your decision of going ahead with the surgery.

    Your doctor may give you some instructions for your diet and exercise before your surgery.

    If you are taking any medication like blood thinners or some medicines for the allergy then you must inform your doctor about them beforehand so that accordingly surgery can be performed. 

    Even the doctor may ask you to stop taking the blood thinners and even smoking or alcohol consumption is asked to avoid before the surgery.

    The Procedure:

    This surgical procedure is performed under the general anesthesia means the patient is not awake while the procedure so does not feel any pain or discomfort during the procedure. In the procedure doctor made the incision of few inches on the targeted area of the body means in the area from where you want to remove fat.

    Then through this incision, extra fat cells are melted down and removed from the body as per the desires of the patient and then the extra skin cells are also removed surgically and the incision is closed with stitches as the final step of the surgery. Find the best Sydney plastic surgeon.

    What to Expect After the Surgery?

    On the day of the surgery, you can go home after a few hours of the completion of the surgery but make sure that you have someone with you like your friend or family member while going home.

    Before the procedure, your targeted area is mark as per your desires and the medical possibilities and even your before and after photographs are taken for comparison.

    As you are given general anesthesia so you will not awake during the procedure and even after the surgery it takes some time to get awake so you can be asked to stay hospital for few hours after the surgery.

    Recovery After the Liposuction:

    After the surgery, you can go home without any complication are difficulty but for some days you can have bruising, swelling or soreness in the treated area for at least a few weeks.

    For at least 1-2 months you have to wear the compression garment to prevent swelling of the area. 

    To prevent any infection, your doctor may prescribe you to have the antibiotics.

    After 2 weeks of the surgery, you can perform your normal activities but you need to follow the proper instructions of the doctor for preventive, safe and better recovery after the surgery.

    Potential Risks:

    It is the safe procedure for fat removal but sometimes patients may have some problems after the surgery like,

    1. Bleeding

    2. Pain and consistent swelling

    3. Blood clots in the veins

    4. Uneven shape of the body

    5. Infection

    6. Complications from the anesthesia

    All above risks can be minimized if you have chosen the accredited center for liposuction surgery which is famous for its quality and safe results. Even choice of the cosmetic surgeon can also make a huge difference to results.

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