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    Improve Your Brain Health by Staying Fit

    Studies have proved time, and again that workouts boost your brain health, consequently improving its performance. Such is the case in a recent survey which showed that women with high fitness levels were at a lesser risk of suffering from dementia in a couple of years.

    How Exercising Improves Brain Health:

    According to health experts, exercising on a regular basis improves your circulatory system. What this means is that there is improved blood flow to your brain tissue. Improved blood flow reduces the decline of your brain’s health.

    Moreover, research has shown proved time and again that cardio exercises trigger the release of growth chemicals which also boost brain function. Still related to fitness, you can use steroids alongside other performance products to promote your performance in the gym. One such product is 120kgs.org which will help you make impressive muscle gains.

    Improve Your Brain Health by Staying Fit

    Other Advantages Of Working Out In Senior Citizens:

    Other than improving brain health, adopting a healthy and active lifestyle has other numerous benefits to adults. Below are some of the advantages:

    •         Improved Cardiovascular Health:
    Working out strengthens your heart muscles, which enhances its efficiency in pumping blood. Additionally, it helps burn fat which may constrict your heart and blood vessels leading to cardio diseases.

    •         Reduces Stress Levels:
    Research has shown that working out stimulates the release of the happy hormones. As such, training regularly is one sure way to keep yourself stress-free and alleviate disorders brought about by depression.

    •         Improves Your Stability And Mobility:
    With advanced age comes you are bound to lose your muscle strength which will impact your stability and flexibility.  However, you can still maintain your mobility and stability levels with regular strength workouts and stretching routines.

    What is Dementia?

    Ideally, dementia refers to a clutch of sign and symptoms related to ailments that affect your brain. The said symptoms later on lead to memory loss, poor decision-making skills alongside other problems tied to brain functionality. According to statistics, Alzheimer’s disease is the leading and most common type of dementia.

    Senior citizens with low fitness levels have more decline of white matter in their brains. As such, this brought forth effects such as memory loss and a drop in decision-making abilities. Regular workouts may slow down the rate of cognitive decline and to some extent dementia.

    Brain Health and Physical Fitness:

    Recently, researchers from a leading medical institution enlisted a group of 81 senior citizens, 55 of whom were suffering from a mild cognitive disorder. The other 26 showed no signs of cognitive disorders. To start with, the researchers carried out tests to measure the participants VO2 max during cardio activities while at the same time studied their brain’s white matter.

    Later on, tests were carried out to determine their mental skills, that is, decision making, critical thinking, planning, and problem-solving skills.

    After the study, the researchers found out that participants who scored highly in the cardio tests showed less deterioration in their brain’s white matter. Consequently, they also found that individuals with healthier brains performed well in mental tests.

    To sum their study, the research proved that maintaining top fitness levels even into your old-age may result to a healthier brain.

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