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    Discover the Fun in a Conservative Tropical Paradise in Maldives

    One of the natural inclinations of most people is to defy restrictions. They get a rush from breaking rules and a sense of pride when they do not get caught. But, more often than not, this kind of behavior can end with trouble.

    Clear-thinking folks, meanwhile, believe that rules or restrictions are no downgrade to the quality of life. They are actually opportunities for creativity. This is what touring the Maldives will enlighten you about.

    As a country that strongly upholds conservative Muslim practices, it may seem, to an inexperienced traveler, as nothing but a tropical paradise meant to be seen. But to someone who has a strong sense of adventure, the Conservative Tropical Paradise in Maldives is not its restrictive leanings, rather, it is a treasure trove of great possibilities.

    Discover the Fun in a Conservative Tropical Paradise in Maldives

    Discover New Ways to Have Fun:

    Keep your focus away from the “No alcohol,” “No bathing suits,” and “No PDA” signs in most places. And instead, think of all the new experiences you can have due to the restrictions. 
    Besides, if you will be staying at an island resort, most of the restrictions do not apply (except for nude sunbathing which is strictly prohibited), and you get a little window of the typical liberties you enjoy.

    If you are up for the challenge of adhering to the strict rules of this Muslim nation while still having fun, here are some ideas to play around with:

    1.  Wake up early and watch the sunrise:

    There is something quite spiritual about witnessing the appearance of the sun at dawn. This is an experience that very few people these days can actually get because of the hurry and scurry of daily living.

    In the Maldives, clear skies are a daily treat, so make sure to gift yourself the experience of seeing the sun rise to the heavens. There’s nothing like a good sunrise to provide you with a better perspective of the time you are given in this life.

    2.  Explore conservative fashion:

    If you are a woman who loves clothes in all shapes and sizes, it’s going to be quite a challenge dressing up in modest clothing in a tropical country. But take this one because so many people have succeeded in making the 3Ds (distinct, decent and divine) of conservative fashion work.

    Take a trip to the nearest town and shop for colorful outfits made of breezy fabric and learn to mix and match them with your basic pieces. Modest clothing can bring something new to your OOTDs, and perhaps inspire you to cover up more to look classy and stylish.

    3.  Learn a new skill:

    Are you aware that the Maldives has a thriving bead jewelry industry? 

    There are certain places in the city that actually offer beading classes. You can learn from local women who are masters of the trade to make gorgeous bead necklaces, earrings, and other stylish accessories.

    Why not learn something new and create your own souvenirs? Who knows, you may become really good at this and even turn it into a side business back home.

    Beading is a fun activity to consider if you want a good mix of physical challenges during your holiday getaway. You can learn to scuba dive at the resort but when you feel like venturing into town, you can hone your fine motor skills creating patterns and figures with a piece of string and beads.

    4.  Delve deep into the Maldivian culture through your taste buds:

    A gastronomic adventure is nothing new for travel abroad. You try recommended restaurants to sample local fare.

    In the Maldives, however, a food trip is not the only “tasty” way to experience the local culture. There are cooking lessons available for curious travelers, so why not consider signing up for a cooking class?

    One of the popular luxury island resorts actually offers Maldivian cooking classes. So, if you end up truly enjoying Maldivian cuisine, learn how you can recreate your favorite Maldivian dishes. This way, you can still get a feel of the island paradise once you get back home.

    5.  Befriend the locals:

    As simple as this may sound, very few people actually bother to interact with the locals beyond casual greetings. How about getting friendly with them?

    Maldivian folks are kind, warm, respectful, and can speak in English. Many of them are even known to open their humble homes to tourists and provide an insight into the traditional Maldivian household. You can satisfy each other’s curiosities and develop friendship.

    The Maldives wouldn’t be a tourist and adventurer’s dream if it weren’t the way it is.

    So, be sure to keep an open mind to trying new things and being adventurous in a distinctive way when you go for your Maldives holiday.

    Author bio: Thomas Grundner is Vice President of Sales and Marketing for JA Resorts & Hotels. With over 20 years of expertise in the hospitality and leisure industry, Grundner oversees sales, marketing and revenue efforts as the company builds on key growth and development strategies and cultivates "Heartfelt Hospitality" and "Casual Luxury."

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