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    7 Rules for Writing an Essay

    Rules are part of our society, and when it comes to essay writing, there are rules that one is supposed to follow to come up with a quality essay. Essay rules act as principle guidelines whereby they help the writers understand to what is expected of them when coming up with written content.  Rules to write an essay? The following are seven rules for writing an essay.

    7 Rules for Writing an Essay

    7 Rules for Writing an Essay

    1.  Understand the purpose of the composition:

    Before you even begin to write the article, first off ask yourself what you want to achieve after writing the essay. Knowing the purpose guides you in your writing. Therefore understand; 

    • The type of the composition:

         Themes come in different forms which involve persuading, arguing, informing or even contradicting. Thus, understanding what you are supposed to write about enables you to prepare well and make the right choice of words and sentences. Keep in mind that your understanding of the topic plays a role in determining how you will write the essay. 

     • Focus on the reader:

      Who is the essay addressing? This is another crucial thing that you need to understand since it will assist you to write the article discussing that group of people or person. 

    For example, the essay can be written to inform;
      • The student in college or other lower classes. 
      • Teachers. 
      • The state. 

    2.  You must have a passion:

    Passion is what drives you to love what you are doing. Even if you want to start essay writing as a way of making a living, you need to develop a passion so you can be able to offer the best and high-quality essay writing service. 

     • Work with other writing companies:

          Before you start your writing company, you can work in other online websites like UK Writers Hub to get ideas of how essays are written and how to structure them. 

     • Read other written pieces:

            Reading other written essays impacts you with skills and knowledge regarding how to write the essays. It also helps you to learn how to differentiate topics are supposed to be written. 

     You can gather other ideas such as;

      • Structuring the essays. 

      • The right punctuation and editing too. 

    3.  Draft your essay. 

     If you want to make your essay writing activity to be smooth and precise, make sure to create a draft first. A draft consists of; 

    • An outline. 
       An outline contains the introduction, body, and the conclusion of the essay. List down all the ideas and points you intend to include on these parts of the essay on the outline as well. 

      Some tips to follow when creating an outline include;

      • Ensure the thesis is included in the introduction. 

      • List all the points that support your argument. 

      • Divide and explain every idea you come up with. 

      • All this information will make your work easy and guide you when writing the essay. 

    4.  Ensure there are an introduction and a conclusion:

    These two are mandatory parts that every essay should have. An introduction provides an overview of what the theme is all about while the concussion is included to support your discussed thesis and ideas. 

      • Ensure your argument/thesis is in the first paragraph:

       Your essay argument should be at the first paragraph of the document and if possible write it on the first three sentences. 

      • The conclusion should address the same thesis:

    This is another rule that one needs to focus on when writing the essay. The conclusion should strictly support the thesis that you introduced at the beginning of the theme and summarize your ideas included on the body as well. 

    5.  The essay should be clear and precise:

    The quality of the essay is not determined by the number of words you have on the paper. It is all about how you have employed the words in the writing. Therefore, the document should be direct to the point and be transparent to understand too. Address the issue at hand and provide the solutions to the problem without diverting from your argument. In other words, stick to the case throughout the essay. This is a trait that has made some of the leading online essay writing service to stand out over a long period. 

     6.  Sub-divide your ideas:

    Just because an essay should contain three parts, this does not necessarily mean that you should write one long paragraph in your body. So, divide the ideas you outlined on the draft into different subheading and write contents to support each view. This makes the essay easy to read and look neat too. It is crucial that you use transitional words and topic sentences when navigating through different points. 

     7.  Proofread and edit:

     This is another important rule that you must follow if you want to come up with the excellent essay. 

     • Run it through writing tools:

         Utilize various writing tools that are available online for checking the grammar quality; spelling, and also the correct use of words. 

    Ask help from other writers:

         If you have someone around who has excellent writing skills, you can ask them to read the essay and help you point out the areas that require corrections. 

     • Read it:

          Read the essay as many times as possible until you are contented that it is flowing well and makes sense. 


    You can quickly provide the best essay writing services by following the above seven proven essay writing rules. Therefore, follow these rule for useful essays writing career. 

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