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    Truth of Top 5 Myths Related to the Keto Diet

    Regardless of a vast variety of health benefits that one can have as a result of the ketogenic diet, there are still a number of myths that remain associated with it. This article majorly focuses on letting you know the real truth behind these major misunderstandings so that you can get rid of the false information you've been holding onto all this while. Discussing these myths turns out to be quite important in order to reveal the real face of keto. So, without any further ado, let's get started. 

    Truth of Top 5 Myths Related to the Keto Diet

    1. You can consume any type of fat: 

    Most people think that the keto diet is all about fat consumption and all you have to do is to fill your body with fat, by all means. However, this is as far from the truth as anything can be because there is a strict categorization of the fats to be included in a keto diet. In other words, keto diet doesn't give you a free pass to eat as much fat as you want to and that too of any kind. Just because keto diet has high-fat content, people are usually consumed by this thought without knowing the real truth behind it. If you go and consult your dietician, you'll know that the keto diet focuses on the consumption of healthy fats only. At the same time, all the fatty products that could harm your heart or increase your cholesterol level are to be avoided at any cost. 

    2. You have to fast in order to be in keto: 

    Keto diet doesn't make you starve in order to provide you with these effective weight loss results. There is a whole different approach that is responsible for the effects keto has on your body and your mind. In order to help you lose weight, what keto actually aims is to let your body enter the state known as ketosis. When your body is in ketosis, the way your body fulfils its energy demands is completely changed as glucose formation is no longer a requirement with ketosis. Now, if there are no glucogens, you'd be wondering where fuel comes from. Well, the answer is ketones. In order to sustain ketone formation, you have to eat keto-specific foods. These ketogenic food items have a high-fat content that takes care of ketone formation. Now, next time someone asks you if they have to fast in order to be in keto, you better burst their bubble. 

    3. Keto diet can cause stomach pain:

    This myth revolves around the people who have no honest way of following a diet plan and later whine about not getting the desired outcome. Let me put it this way –when you take medicines after your doctor's consultancy, it's your responsibility to carefully follow the prescription. You're gonna have weird results if you do everything according to your will. Same is the thing with those who talk about stomach pain on keto diet because if you do your part of the research, you'll know the actual truth. It's always the carelessness and ignorance that doesn't let you have the desired outcome. But you can't blame keto diet if you aren't even keeping yourself hydrated and then having a troubling stomach. 

    4. You only have to eat boring food in keto diet:

    As far as the requirements for keto are met, a large variety of foods can fall under the category of eatables. What you mainly require is the optimum level of healthy fat along with low carb content. If you're still concerned about the food boring food, let me put this in very simple words. You even get to have options like ice creams without having the trouble of getting yourself out of ketosis. 

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