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    6 Best Organization Apps for iPhone

    Most businesses nowadays run half of their deals online, the amount of work doubles or triples because you have now to cover the real world and digital world, there are customers and clients everywhere, and they all want to be heard, served and cared for. Unless you live disconnected from the modern world, you already know what we are talking about that refurbished phones.

    You can find yourself suddenly surrounded by multiple tasks that need immediate attention and such a hassle could have been avoided if tasks were more carefully planned and followed. That's the precise moment when iPhone apps come to help you. There are plenty of apps that can give you a hand in organizing, remembering and controlling many of the tasks that have to be done in an office environment.

    Best Organization Apps for iPhone

    6 Best Organization Apps for iPhone

    First and foremost: Your device

    If part of your job is going to be carried out, stored, saved and retrieved from an electronic device, it is better to make sure such device works well. It is also necessary to protect your smartphone by using a cover that suits like a glove and prolongs the useful life of it. It is very easy to find such accessories, for instance, iPhone 6 and 6s Case. And this is just one of the options. There are plenty of cover ideas and options so that each person can find the one that they like the most.

    • Awesome Note:

    It is one that can prove to be very useful; you can set alarms for specific events and also color codes them. Besides being a very attractive Calendar, it also brings a notes section and a to-do list that can help you with daily tasks and also long-term plans.

    • Evernote:

    It has been around the market for a while now, and it always has something that catches more and more attention. Evernote Scannable will allow you to save information just by scanning notes, docs and papers easily. The app will also help you classify your information so that each file is easy to find and it will also sync with all the devices in which you have downloaded the app. You can work offline, and it will later sync so that you don't have to worry about updating your files manually.

    • Process Street:

    A great app for controlling and managing the workflow of a team, every member working on a project can be in clear communication. Procedure documents can be created in seconds through a very simple interface with drag and drop features. Besides, this app integrates with more than 1.000 more apps that will be updated as soon as something changes in the workflow of your Process Street session.

    • Pomodoro:

    Something everybody has to struggle with is concentration. Focusing is not a natural behavior, and attention has to be something you make an effort to have it. There are plenty of apps to work on your focus and productivity, one of them is Pomodoro Timer. The Pomodoro technique says that every 25 minutes of work you are allowed to take a 5-minute break and then continue working for another 25 minutes. The explanation behind this is that after 25 minutes of pure concentration your brain is no longer as productive as it was at the beginning of the task and you need that short break to recover and start again with a fresh mind.

    • Last Pass:

    A very useful app if you work logging in frequently into multiple sites and pages. This app will store bank accounts, websites and applications' passwords under its password protection so that nobody else can access that information.

    • Easily Do:

    This wonderful free app will give you a taste of a Virtual assistant, but this one is for free. It connects to your online services and finds the tasks that need to be completed to send you notifications of them.

    All of these apps are very useful if you want to give a boost to your work productivity through the use of the phone. Remember also that discipline is necessary to carry on most tasks, regardless of the apps you have downloaded on your smartphone.

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