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    8 Elements That Ensure Fun at Your Company Picnic

    Large businesses deem it necessary to provide their employees a day to kick back and have fun through a company picnic. This event also serves as an opportunity to develop closer ties among workers and even get to meet each other’s families.

    However, this event can sometimes fail to ensure the engagement of fun of attendees. Haphazard planning is usually to blame. When organizers do everything in a hurry, they fail to study and incorporate the different ways to make the company picnic enjoyable for everybody.

    So, if you are tasked to organize your company picnic, it goes without saying that thoughtful planning is required. If you have no idea what to do, there are professional events organizers that can help. Also, consider it worth your time and effort to conduct a survey to know your co-workers’ idea of fun as you certainly can get inspiration from their answers.

    8 Elements That Ensure Fun at Your Company Picnic

    It is worth considering the following elements for your company picnic as well. These are tried and true implements that can get people excited, young and old. Each one of these offers a different brand of fun that targets unique preferences.

    1.  Contests:

    Contests are fun because they trigger people’s competitive spirit, and there are so many picnic games to consider. The contests or games need not be “cutthroat” or overly competitive and time-consuming because what’s important is to provide fun and instant gratification for just a daylong event. 

    Go with something like light “battles” of basic skills and general knowledge. The important thing here is that contests drive people to engage instantly. This is because they have physical abilities and information that they know they can contribute in order to win a prize. And there’s nothing like a little victory to put someone in a happy disposition.

    People can always benefit from these “mini wins.” Studies even show that any type of victory typically results in a joy that lasts up to three hours. This joy is contagious and it can certainly boost the atmosphere at the company event.

    2.  Rides:

    These are particularly enjoyable for the young ones, but more mature folks are known to get a kick out of them as well. People can benefit from experiences that they can link to their childhood, and rides are just some that offer such experiences.

    It is always good for hardworking adults to be treated to an activity that will send their adrenaline rushing through their bodies. Rides are also an exhilarating deviation from the often-predictable routine of work.

    3.  Festive Decor:

    Creating visual delight for the picnic is a must. So, deck the heck out of the event. Festive decor like bunting, balloons, pinwheels, etc., automatically signal that it’s time for fun. You can hire professional party decorators to visually enhance the picnic venue.

    4.  Food Stalls and Trucks:

    A company picnic will never be complete without food, and it’s good to provide a wide array of choices to satisfy the distinctive tastes of all the attendees. Make sure to throw in some “sinful” options like deep-fried stuff because they always appeal to adventurous foodies.

    Most of the time, food is all you need to lure people into joining a company picnic. So, make sure to have a large selection of delicious items.

    5.  Market Mood:

    Invite some product vendors who can set up booths to sell their wares. There are people who like to shop, and catering to them will certainly contribute to the excitement over the company event.

    To find product vendors for your picnic, visit local businesses such as novelty stores or turn to a trendy clothing brand that may be interested in creating a pop-up store for the day.

    6.  Performances or Shows:

    Having live performances or mini shows are perfect for those who want to be entertained while enjoying popcorn and drinks. Invite singers, dancers, and other local performers to stage shows that picnic attendees can watch.

    A local show band is always a winner because they can just fill the picnic venue with music and play a repertoire of popular tunes for everybody. Also, when there’s a show band present, you can bet there will be some dancing. Some people just cannot help grooving exuberantly to music, which never fails to elevate the level of excitement and cheer during the event.

    7.  Creative Booths:

    Have a setup for art and crafts. You would be surprised by the number of adults who actually enjoy getting glitter tattoos, coloring, painting, and creating different craft “products.”

    8.  Documentation:

    Make sure that there are photographers and videographers capturing the memories being created at the event. The fun images or videos can serve as a lovely reminder for the employees that the company has exerted effort to provide some fun time off through an event that is casual and laid-back because slowing down is critical to employee satisfaction.

    All these eight elements can provide a solid foundation of fun for a casual corporate event such as a company picnic. In fact, you may just go with all these and ensure that there is something enjoyable to do for every person who attends the event.

    Author bio: In 2008, Managing Director and Founder of The Big Moo Events Lorate Hamzeh left a successful career in Human Resources to venture into the niche market of children’s entertainment. By bring up the UAE to Singing Telegrams, Lorate engage the scrutiny of the children’s entertainment market with a gather of fun mascots. Within a year, Lorate added children’s entertainers and bouncers to the company’s ever-growing list of services, and the rest was history.

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