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    7 Makeup Tips that Make You Look Amazing in Photographs

    With the digitization of everything, taking photos has become more natural and consequently a rather complex matter of our lives. Look at this way, how often do you find yourself scrolling through your Instagram liking photos, admiring people or just randomly commenting on their pictures? Now that's what I am talking about. Putting up a great looking photo on your Instagram is going to require some technique, and we will help you with that. Read on to find out.

    7 Makeup Tips that Make You Look Amazing in Photographs

    7 Makeup Tips that Make You Look Amazing in Photographs

    1.  White Pencil:

    Do you want your eyes to appear larger in the photos? Grab a white pencil and line your eye's waterline with it. You might feel like it is a bit too much for makeup but a) it blends in well if you're wearing the perfect foundation and looks like a part of your makeup, so you don't have to worry if you look like a paled out ghost; and b) it's going to make your eyes appear much larger in the photographs.

    2.   Highlighter:

    Never, I repeat, never forget to apply highlighter before leaving home. Especially at night, since I have noticed that photos taken at night have this glow about them on the cheeks and that, my dear, is the magic of a fine highlighter.  Douse some on your cheeks with a fanned out brush and you're good to go. The results are promised to surprise you.


    3.   Mascara:

    Even if you are not a huge makeup fan, I am sure you do not completely loathe mascara (I know some of them can be hard to take off, but…); I suggest that even if you dislike it, make it a ritual to apply two coats of mascara before you leave home. Your picture quality will change drastically, and the candid photographs will speak for themselves!

    4.   Sleek-foundation:

    This is very important if you're aware that you're going to suffer a photo shoot (and that's the word I'd use for it), then make sure you wear a foundation that is semi-matte because a completely matte foundation tends to come off as too cakey. You don't want to see yourself as a cold, baked muffin in the photos, right? Do make sure that the texture of your foundation is creamy enough to make your skin look smooth but doesn't shine a lot either.

    5. No Silica:

    Another important component of makeup is loose powder, and the most alluring ones tend to have a lot of silica in them. It does not, however, helps you with photography because silica reacts to the flashlight in a way that it gives you that ugly washed out look. So avoid wearing loose powders that have silica listed in their ingredients.

    Important Component of Makeup

    6. Red Lips:

    This one's my favorite tip; you can easily rock any photo by putting on some red lipstick because of it the most potent tool for adding a dose of femininity to your personality.

    7. Skin:

    This is important for you to remember and consider, make sure that your skin is properly moisturized and it looks smooth so that your photos are not spoiled because of it. Get yourself some heavy duty moisturizers to keep the skin from drying.

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