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    Tips to Find the Best Senior Home Care Service

    Choosing the right senior care provider can be a difficult task. Consider that the person you hire is someone who is going to spending most of the time with your senior loved one. First and foremost, they have to be a good match for your senior loved one. They have to speak the same language or languages, have to be patient, communicative and able to meet all your senior loved one’s needs and demands. 

    The choice largely depends on choosing the right senior care provider. Companies with in-house caregivers and those who refer caregivers like A Better Way in Home Care guarantee the caregivers they hire or refer are trustworthy, have the right credentials and skills to provide the best senior care possible.

    Tips to Find the Best Senior Home Care Service

    In order to choose the right senior care provider, you need to ask these questions.

    Tips to Find the Best Senior Home Care Service

    • What are Your Ratings?

    All reputable businesses these days have an online presence, meaning they are likely to have reviews from other clients. If a company does not exist on the Internet, you should probably not prioritize them. Find agencies that have been reviewed by other families. The higher their ratings, the better the agency is. You can use Google to go through their reviews or visit reputable websites like the Better Business Bureau. 

    • Do You Have Any Rewards and Recognitions?

    Awards are another great way of discerning good senior care companies and the best senior care companies. Awards and recognitions show that the company strives to provide great service. As awards are not won overnight, a company that has earned an award likely has years of experience and good feedback. 

    • Do They Take the Business Personally?

    When you hire a complete stranger to take care of your loved one, you need to make sure they are completely committed to their calling. Ask the caregiver what is the reason they started down this path in the first place and what their values are. This will ensure the caregiver is going to give their best to accommodate your senior loved one and more importantly, that you can trust them.

    • What Additional Services do You Offer?

    While every senior care company offers companion and personal care, great senior care providers offer additional services ranging from to light housekeeping to transport and personal training. You should check if the company offers any additional services or has experience with caring for seniors with difficult conditions such as dementia, Alzheimer’s, MS or seniors recovering from a stroke.

    • How much do You Charge?

    Money is often the determining factor when choosing a senior care agency. And while it shouldn’t be the only one, it should certainly play a part in your choice. Ask the agency how much they charge hourly for both personal care and companion care. Also, ask if their rates are affected by weekends and holidays. If they offer additional services, find out if they charge extra for caring for seniors suffering from conditions such as Alzheimer’s. 

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