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    How to Fix Cologne Bottle Spray Broken

    Investing in good colognes is one of the right personal choices you can make; it will help you smelling perfect all day long. The colognes may vary price to price, but also they can also cost much when it comes to the expensive ones, you can get designer cologne in hundreds of dollars, and it’s worth it. Even you own costly cologne or an average one; mainly we all suffer one same problem, a broken sprayer. 

    Although the bottles are made in customizes designs, limits addition fragrance, beautiful glass or metal bottle but all have a similar issue to having a plastic sprayer. Usually, these are not fit for expensive cologne and have cheap plastic material which bounces away from the top after few uses. Sometimes we also suffer the issue of these sprays get disconnected from the perfume nozzle, and it is not functioning well. Therefore in all these problems, we have a similar problem of not getting enough spray and cologne out of the bottle. 

    How to Fix Cologne Bottle Spray Broken

    How to get perfume out of bottle with broken sprayer? How to fix a broken spray bottle? When you have an expensive cologne, it is very frustrating as well as problematic mainly because you cannot dispose of the cologne right way. But is become challenging as it is impossible to get the cologne out of the bottle as we need. Therefore many people ask how can they put cologne when there is no sprayer or have nonfunctional spray on the cologne.

    If you have a similar issue, we bring the best possible solutions for you so that you don’t have to waste the cologne and can enjoy the last drop of it.

    How to Fix Cologne Bottle Spray Broken? or Methods to use cologne without a sprayer?

    Directly on skin:

    Usually, when we lost our sprayer of cologne, we end up applying it directly on the surface. It might not come out as we wanted but it can help. You can shake the bottle and press the top to take the cologne out. As much you get it on the fingers, you can apply on your skin and on the areas you want to highlight with the fragrance such as jawline, neck, shoulders, wrist, elbows, underarms, etc. you can even apply little on your clothes as well and anywhere you would like. It is a straightforward method, and you can do it whenever you want but make sure you have to wash your hands after the application as it has too much product and the chemicals can harm you if you eat with unwashed hands. Also, it doesn’t taste good and quite bitter which is not good in contact with your nose, eyes, and mouth. That is why you have to wash your hands carefully after applying the cologne.

    Cotton ball method:

    It is one of the oldest ways to apply the cologne and perfumes. People in ancient day’s dips the cotton ball in the fragrance and use wherever they need, but in that time the scents were stored in small jars with a cap on it, unlike these days where you have the fancy bottles, nozzles, and sprayer to do the job.

    In this method, you have to take a cotton ball and press it on the bottle top which allows you to soak the perfume and then you can apply it on the areas you need. It is easier than the direct applying method of the cotton ball but the significant disadvantage is the cotton ball soak up too much perfume, and more products are wasted. Usually, when you have expensive cologne, you would not like your cologne to get lost like this. Therefore you must keep in mind that your bottle will finish quicker than it usually does.

    Buy perfume atomizers to transfer the cologne:

    Perfume atomizers are small bottles which have a sprayer on the top and a cap and a little tube which helps in taking the liquid from the bottom. It functions similarly to a cologne bottle, and in case you have lost your sprayer and want to fully utilize the cologne than this is the right option for you.

    The atomizers are not only very cheap and available in the local market as well as online but the best solution for those who want to have comfortable and convenient method while using cologne without a sprayer. You can take the nozzle out of your cologne bottle and with the help of any funnel transfer all the perfume to your atomizer. Make sure that the container is clean and dry when you transfer it. Also, you can check the sprayer of your atomizer before using that it is taking out and spraying the cologne in the right way before moving the perfume in it. When you are done, close the sprayer carefully and place the cap on top so that you don’t waste any unintentionally.


    Fix cologne sprayer! Many times people discard the cologne bottles when they experience any broken, damaged or lost sprayer. That is why they end up wasting their money on it; you can either fix the issue by taking your bottle to a perfume shop or get it fixed with the new one. But if you don’t have time you can also use any of the above methods to utilize the cologne and enjoy it until it last. These options are not only cheap but also helps you save more money as well as use your favorite fragrance whenever you like.

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